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Thursday, October 25, 2012

lunch break

this post is best read accompanied by non diegetic sound - you can try pink floyd.

first of, it's not that i haven't been writing, or haven't been productive, on the contrary, i have been super productive. our production house is up and running - our first tele is out with close to 700 thousand viewership excluding online, my screenplay has been approved of funding - to be shot next year and Projek Disko Baldi is going on air next year as well - all this while i still enjoy my day job in the financial market. so for those who are still asking why am i not in this full time, i hope that answers your question.

secondly, just a mental note to myself, say something because you have something to say not because you have to say something. similarly to writing, only write what matters because your writing alone doesn't matter much.

catch you soon.



people really need to define this label 'diva' correctly. in an office setting, when you are hiring, you either meet his demands or if you can't afford it, find someone else. you don't call a potential candidate a diva because he demands a high pay, he values himself highly and so what, that is none of your business, don't hire him.


short note

to think is easy. anyone can produce thoughts. however ridiculous they could be. what's harder is learning how to think which in this case should be priority for everyone. learning how to think basically gives you a firm structure which from that branches out into many vertex that eventually shapes who you are. without that structure you as an amalgamation of thoughts can be just shapeless.

you can easily read people from the way they answer questions. sometimes the best way to argue is to ask questions. someone who answers questions without a clear structure will eventually get tired of his own points and give up.