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Saturday, August 18, 2012

nota akhir ramadhan

phew! God, this blog has been quiet for ages. keep promising myself to post but keep failing. anyway, enough disclaimer, as usual, my thoughts in my favourite format, the point-form.

a) when you say things, ask yourself whether or not you have something to say. sometimes you do have something to say and that's good - but saying something because you have to say something is equivalent to making sounds. when you make only sound... you are devoid of content, a filler in between dramatic progression of a trashy film. imagine gambar ekzos yang bingit dalam filem rempit, right before the race starts.

b) extending the idea in point (a) further, to those who labeled me a neutralist when it comes to politics, which i believe means, i don't take sides and not standing up for anything clearly, you have to say something in response to my points- but i guess that's about it. you may think you are taking sides, but taking sides with politicians no matter how flimsy the idea is, instead of ideas is pretty much the same as being indifferent. so yes i take sides, i stood up.

c) let's relate to point (b) and talk about politicians, well for fear of generalising, some of them, not all. if you listen closely to some, you will find out that when they speak, they speak of the subjective and vague, they speak of tomorrow, the future of the generation, they speak of change, they speak of aspirations, morality... everything... nebulous. nebulous is, to me, is having between nothing much or nothing to say.  it's like when asked whether he thinks it will rain - the answer would come in a long essay explaining how useful the rain is and what we should do if the rain comes or in the event where it is absent. instead of a yes or no.

d) about politics. people who swell his chest and say "i hate politics" are perhaps imbecilic - bertold brecht said this and i am merely agreeing. you see while it is fine being ignorant, what you must know is, the government is elected based on much the people know what's going on, laws are made based on how much you care... and not how much you ignore. even if you think what you think isn't important, trust me, it is better than to have no thoughts of your own at all - particularly so on politics, because the least you could do is take charge of your life.

e) enough bout politics. well i've been reading comments on youtube for "strangers". i would like to thank everyone who spent a bit of time to watch it.

f) some of the comments are just retarded. comparing between petronas commercial and bernas is really a complete waste of time. a screwdriver and a spanner both are tools, but can you say which one is better? the answer is, depends on what you wanna do. you can't loosen a screw with a spanner and then say screwdriver wins - that's pretty dumb. similarly, people have different intepretations of what raya is, saying one vehicle that appeals to your emotion better than the other is pretty pointless. again you are saying stuff because you have to say something.

g) actually, come to think of it, with the Internet, more and more people can say stuff, best part is, now they have audiences - we can't stop them, but what we can do for now is just don't attend to their shows. pick other battles.

g) anyway, positive vibe. last day of puasa today, selamat hari raya everyone. have a good one. love love.