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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


a) let's look at a chart. data courtesy of Fitch. plotted by me.

the chart above depicts GDP per capita. the data above compared malaysia against all other countries providing free education. what is per capita GDP? well it reflects standard of living. face fact here, except against Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and a few others we are not doing too well. someone was comparing us to finland the other day, that's apple to monkey, but hey, you decide.

b) i guess looking at the chart above, priority is to bring us on par with the better countries - and then figure out whether free education is viable. we are now stuck in what we call the middle income trap. we are not that cheap, we are not that wealthy. we are not too skillful neither. we are going no where. if your argument is, "hence why free education" that is equivalent to spending more onto something that doesn't work. not only you are maintaining a batshit system - expecting different results - you are now proposing to stretch further by providing it for free.

c) we, and by we i mean specifically the malays should quickly lose this sense of entitlement for everything. we work hard, we get things we want with dignity. i will die for you defending that.

d) with politicians, do not ever forget to ask 'how' and 'why'. just listening to what they will do is only half reality.

e) again, please don't get me wrong. i am not against free education here. i believe it deserves a space for a discussion with regards to possibility of implementation somewhere in the future and only when we first address our priorities and succeed. if anyone were to say, they will give out free education upon winning election - then yes, i am against it.

f) and... saying i am against an idea, does not mean i am against PR or i am with them, it means i am against it, if you 'no like', debate the idea not debate the debate.

g) this would be my final entry on free education. to those who asked about my thoughts on the recent debate, well personally i wasn't sure whether the debate really laid out merits of abolishing our student fund (PTPTN) and hence free education exhaustively - a lot of the points centered around how political parties wish to spend the money and why people should put them into power. personally, if you are in the position of power, you can do whatever you wish to do - even if it means something that doesn't make sense like for instance make it a law that every student keep monkeys as pets.

h) saying that though i'm glad the debate took place. i wish more of the same and perhaps over time the majority will start thinking critically of things and not just take sides asking "what's in it for me."