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Thursday, April 19, 2012

this is free education

a) rumah, hak asasi, pinjam 500 ribu bayar 1.15 juta. so what's next, housing estate is not a business? really?

b) the right to be heard. trust me, you WERE heard. otherwise i won't be writing this. but that doesn't mean the world will change for you. change 'you' first.

c) free education policy. some people claim to achieve this without spending much. they plan to build 10 universities and spend circa 2 billion a year either through more debt or pressing petronas. really? that would work? who are you kidding?

d) without ptptn, people are deprived of options. so where do students go to now if they wish to pursue degree in private colleges? bank loans?

e) education is a business. a good business sector in fact. best colleges in the world are all private. at best, free education can only apply for primary, not tertiary. such system is built to motivate people to become better. you work hard, you'll get some.

f) logic. if first class students get waived, it is highly likely those who are occupying dataran are not first class students. i guess, the easy way out is protesting rather than aiming first class. ah! such is life. sorry i digressed.

g) malaysia needs 150 billion to operate every year. oil is depleting with dividend payment from petronas being reduced to 30 billion a year. malaysia is currently borrowing to grow. thus, priority - plug leakages, reduce expenses and increase productivity - not free stuff.

h) politicians are usually the creator of the issue and then they offer themselves to become the solution. it has happened many times. deduce.

i) don't get me wrong. i love free things. i have no reason to go against such policy except for knowing that it doesn't make sense. but above all, what frustrates me is the subsidy mentality we have. we are already walking on crutches, are we now asking for a turbo-charged wheel chair?

j) wake up.