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Monday, December 26, 2011

some might say

1) maybe a whole lot of us when we were young were called 'kurang ajar' when we argue with adults. instead of considering or arguing the points, most people argue on why we argue.

2) and i believe this is deeply entrenched in the society that it is reflected everywhere this, "saya yang menurut perintah" attitude. in a bigger context it describes malaysian politics as well. most of the time when we argue, we will be reminded on how much we are 'terhutang budi' to these political parties. the recent "aku nak ludah muka kau" video was a new low of how mature we are as a society.

3) politicians rarely debate on points and most politicians are seemingly lost whenever they talk. for instance, i saw once on TV3, a politician who claimed that he has evidence that some people in the opposition have lost faith with the party's survival and leadership and then another politician who claimed that he believed some people from the incumbent political party have jumped ship. never once both politicians use numbers to illustrate this, how many, what is the ratio, what is the percentage change. 3 people out of 3 million do not describe what is going on and most of the time this is concealed by sophistry - a mere spin.

4) most politicians may use religion as a tool. because they know that most people won't argue with religion. this isn't true, scholars argue all the time. once i was at an international gathering of islamic bankers and scholars of islamic finance. they started arguing as soon as the conference commenced at 8.00 am in the morning. politicians aren't scholars, even if they are does not mean that they can't be argued. however, what you need to do here is argue systematically. to argue systematically would require you to have facts and figures. and academics is the fastest way to earn it.

5) which is why, college students who are active in politics but fail to excel in academics are almost the same with our current generation of politicians on average. a guy once told me, "biarlah, diorang ni bakal jadi pemimpin nanti..." - well my answer to that is, if they want to lead me then they better be smarter than me. without knowledge, politics is just... shit.

6) so, when you have a kid, please do not call him 'kurang ajar' or 'disrespectful' just because he argues with you. i know i won't.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

people suck, math rules

3^3/3^2= 27/9 = 3
or 3^(3-2)=3^1 = 3
so 3^3/3^3=3^(3-3)=3^0=1
hence anything^0 = 1


Thursday, December 15, 2011


points below were written by tun mahathir about 'hantu' movies and the plight of the malays. or maybe he too shouldn't say anything because he didn't contribute to the industry, you tell me.

25. Kita dapati ramai yang gemar mendengar cerita seram. Menyedari akan kegemaran ini banyaklah filem yang dibuat sekitar hantu, toyol dan makhluk luar biasa yang menakutkan. Filem seperti ini sering ditunjuk di TV dan pawagam.

26. Mungkin pengeluar filem seram ini mendapat keuntungan. Tetapi cerita-cerita seperti ini tidak menolong remaja menolak kepercayaan kepada yang karut yang tidak membina peribadi yang baik. Kes-kes hysteria ada kaitan dengan kepercayaan yang karut.

27. Menjadi penakut memalukan. Bangsa yang penakut tidak boleh dibanggakan. Janganlah kita sengaja menjadikan bangsa kita bangsa penakut. Sebaliknya cubalah supaya bangsa kita jadi lebih berani. Ahli-ahli politik pun tak usahlah cari bomoh kerana ingin menang. Bukan bomoh yang boleh beri kemenangan. Budi yang baik, tingkah laku yang sopan, keperihatinan akan masalah yang dihadapi rakyat yang boleh memberi kemenangan dan kejayaan.

28. Melayu mempunyai banyak sebab-sebab yang menghalang kejayaan mereka. Tidaklah perlu kita tambah halangan terhadap kejayaan mereka dengan kepercayaan kepada yang karut-karut.

if going by what you said, that one needs to have a big contribution to be worthy of an opinion, then perhaps those people who are not paying income tax or any tax shouldn't say anything about the country and shouldn't even vote since they are not contributing anything. don't be ridiculous.

polite or rude is up to one's interpretation that makes it a weak reasoning. my mechanic always say "tiu ni ah sing" but i don't call him rude, i looked at the context. you are better off arguing my points.

jangan jadi dangkal kawan.


just a thought

“Wahai manusia! Sesungguhnya binasa orang yang terdahulu daripada kamu kerana mereka itu apabila seorang bangsawan dalam kalangan mereka mencuri, dia dibiarkan. Apabila seorang yang lemah dalam kalangan mereka mencuri, dilaksanakan hukum ke atasnya. Demi Allah! Jika Fatimah anak Muhammad (puteri Rasulullah) itu mencuri, nescaya ku potong tangannya” (Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

For as long as we let corrupt leaders go away, we have no right to be proud as Muslims and as a nation. This isn't about being partisan, this is about looking at facts.


Monday, December 12, 2011

aku bukan cheerleader dangkal

well yeah, 2011, about to check out soon. let's see what i have learned throughout the year

1) that being an actor requires one to also keep opinions to himself for fear of backlashes or not getting jobs. in short, selling out, becoming a phony cheerleader.

2) that its a year of uprising. but some people i know, the closest they have ever gotten to an uprising is one in their pants.

3) that i think point number one is useless.

4) that as long as your mother is proud of you, you win.

5) that people who continue to pull you down under the pretense of trying to 'make you better' should just be ignored.

6) that if life suck, you only have yourself to blame.

7) that love is the most powerful source of subjectivity. hence if you are capable to love, there is no reason why you shouldn't believe in God.

8) that it is in our nature to dramatise. to save time, one needs to reduce it. you can also save time by walking faster.

9) that if you don't enjoy something, don't do it, if you get annoyed by someone, stop listening to them. we waste so much time hating stuff we could avoid.

10) that if i do more, give more... i get more.

so... before i end this, God willing 'KIL' will be released in March. despite the outcome, despite whatever backlash, whatever criticism or reaction coming my way, i just want you to know i enjoyed doing it, and i enjoyed the people i did it with.

so to end this, here's to 2012. let it rip. :)