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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

things are things as they are

kalau dindingnya tinggi
saya panjat
kalau dindingnya rendah
saya lompat
ilusi tentang saiz dinding itu
takkan buat saya gelisah.


Saturday, August 06, 2011


a) when i was dating my wife back then, once i brought her to watch a malay movie in the cinema, she fell sick literally after the movie.

b) since then i would usually watch malay films either alone or with other friends who are into self inflicted pain.

c) i have an original dvd copy of the movie above. in retrospect, the worst purchase ever.

d) i am not sure whether the above can be considered as an artwork from the directing, writing, acting and even camera work. for a start, before we even discuss about logic i think if you want to appear as if you have the ability to converse in english, as an actor you are responsible to learn how to do it.

e) the movie however allegedly grossed around 2 - 3 million.


Friday, August 05, 2011

sahur thoughts

i don't know if you noticed but no love stories are similar, let's just say hypothetically there are about 6 billion love stories (because there are about 6 billion people in this planet), believe it or not, those stories remain exclusive to its own. you could offer conjectures as to why people love people, money, sex, food, shelter, fear, science or even social convention but none can be verified except by those who own those stories and even then, they might be lying.

i believe trying to find similarity or trying to see these stories from your own point of view equals a mere generalisation which is shallow and perfunctory. because i believe love, like faith is just inexplicable except only to oneself.

one thing for sure, love stories keep you going, it gives you hope. the world could crumble one day but you'll never fall short of love stories. hence if i were to make a bet, i'll bet on love... which means betting on faith.

you can stop here or continue reading because i will finish this with a line or two about faith. because in the end, like a love story, faith towards religion or God or whatever it is out there can only be two. yours and mine.

imposing your views will never change that fact. salam ramadhan.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

movies galore

a) oscar wilde said, there's no point in writing when you don't annoy anyone. i subscribe to that. so if you've been annoyed, don't take it to the heart.

b) here's my review of Flat 3A.

"what were they smoking? i want some."

c) ghost stories in malaysia broadly have one similar formula. all characters will do scary stuff. like you know checking a dead body at midnight. or having conversation in dark places, for a strange reason, most scenes are played in a room with one light bulb. or live in a rundown apartment that was so obviously haunted.

d) adding to the point above,most actors in scary movies are judged by how scared they could look on screen.

e) some people commented that, ghost stories or in fact movies broadly are not supposed to make sense or have logic or be 'real' because films aren't supposed to be. unfortunately that is not true. a story is real only in the reality of the story. for instance, writing a story about a guy who has super powers might not be the case in real life but is the case in the story. therefore, what would make sense in that story is a clear logical sequence how he obtains the power. otherwise it would be just random and perhaps become a comedy. saying that i think most movies in malaysia, due to absence of logic are just comedies. bad ones though.

f) another observation is, some of the movies which were badly written have one common weakness, some of the mini conflict created were often left unresolved. 'karak' is a prime case for this.

g) saying that though, i thought "tolong awek aku pontianak" was a fairly good movie. you should catch it if you have the time and resources.

h) salam ramadhan. my wife saw rahim maarof in pasar ramadhan taman tun. she was buying murtabak and there was a super long queue. rahim maarof, as if his skin exudes style, in almost flattish tone looked at the queue and said "kena beratur ke?". if my wife was lying then i am lying.

i) i am watching "sayang you can dance" while writing this post. that information was totally useless and has no bearing in this entry - which is my review of that movie.

h) if you felt annoyed. refer to point number one.