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Thursday, July 28, 2011

gold rain, hail stones

a) developing countries mainly countries that produce have to maintain a competitive or crudely 'cheap' currency to attract buyers. countries that consume (mostly developed) like the europeans and americans are not concerned about their currency value mainly because a stronger currency is simply good for them because they could buy things cheap.

b) so here is how it works, developed countries buy from developing producers, developing producers keeping currencies at low level to remain competitive and this goes on for a while. developing nations accumulate currencies of the developed world such as USD or EUR. so what do developing producers, mostly asians do with this accumulated foreign currency? that's right they will reinvest in the safest assets of these currencies which would be their government bonds.

c) in a way, asians are funding the luxurious living of the west. for instance, an unemployed spanish earns about 70% of his last drawn salary from unemployment benefits, last year i met a guy from spain who backpacks around asia on an unemployment benefit. why asia? yes, because we are cheap. and who funded this benefit? that is right, the asians. so don't sulk too much if asians are less cultured.

d) singapore produces almost an equivalent amount of GDP (if not more) with 7 times less population than us. singapore does not have commodities, heck they don't even have water. you might argue that it is a small country but i look at it differently, they are just plain productive. if you were to draw parallel, singapore and most developed countries have moved away from being just producers or sellers into service providers by adding values. singapore for example is one of the strongest global financial hub. yes, beat that.

e) as a continuation of the above, singaporean FDIs stood at USD 38 billion compared to a midget USD 9 billion for Malaysia last year. we are thrashed completely, no two way about it. singapore isn't cheap, singapore doesn't even have commodities yet, FDI was 4 times bigger than us. while here in malaysia, we are still promoting cheap labours as one of FDI attractions. on that note, guess who is second in terms of FDI? Indonesia, why? because they are cheaper than us, dirt cheap. in the long run however, being cheap does not work anymore and this has to change.

f) most people who is backing the current government will always fall back to sentiments, e.g. "disuruh bersyukur". looking at the facts above, we have a structural problem, policy errors upon errors. simple observation, how many were fooled into thinking that MSC will be something big and to be part of it studied IT. where is MSC now?

g) in sum, when najib said he wanted to drive malaysia to the next level, to achieve a high income society i can't help but look back at facts, facts not sentiments. we are pretty screwed front and back, upside down. and on that, to him i shall say. "DIAMLAH".


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Last Friday, July 15th, KIL official trailer was launched, 1639 people shared the trailer on Facebook with more than 20,825 post views. Thank you for sharing and yes keep on spreading love.

On my previous entry, someone asked (as usual an anonymous) why not make smarter movies, something which is not lame.

I have no answer for that except, I am not that insecure about how smart I am.

Friday, July 22, 2011


a) i had a rather awkward situation today. you see, one of the things i enjoy doing is petting stray cats. today i saw a cat, i tried petting him, he kept walking away slowly, so i followed him, he walked off slowly again, it went on and on for a while until i noticed a few aunties were watching me. my right hand was still in a weird position of trying to pet the cat. the cat ran off finally, giving me a glance before he disappeared. the aunties were still staring at me.

b) everytime i am on set to shoot dramas, i will always go through a situation where none of the actors know who i am. when they asked me works i have done in the past, i will always refer to theater stuff i've done. they would usually have this blank expression, like every ounce of interest had been sucked out from their skin. i will always go back to refer to pisau cukur - which i hate. the conversation will always end up with them saying "oh..." and me going off smoking under a tree somewhere.

c) it makes me happy when people want to take photos with me. however some situations are awkward like for instance when a girlfriend wants to take a picture and her boyfriend is operating the picture taking apparatus. i wonder what goes on in the boyfriend's mind. it gets even more awkward when the boyfriend then wants a photo.

d) sometimes when i watch plays, i would cringe looking at actors doing contrived actions like 'trying' to show how angry they are. sometimes it gets awkward when they were staring at me while doing that. i feel naked.

e) one of the weirdest moments in my career as a theater actor was during the staging of romeo and juliet back in 2004. it was a special performance, performed in front of the crown prince, raja nazrin. i played romeo. and during the climatic moment where romeo was about to dunk poison from the vial, this romeo amazingly waved the vial dramatically when he was trying to open the vial. the vial flew over rolling down the stage right in front of the crown prince. all that was left was a vial cap. that romeo drank poison from a vial cap and wished he really died. of course he didn't.

some people think i am weird. but then again, i don't think i am that weird, at least to me.

Monday, July 18, 2011

we are all extras.

this is you. hypothetically.

you dream of becoming a movie star.
but at the same time you are already pursuing a degree.
but you think studying is pointless.
nothing beats becoming a movie star.

i'm telling you.
you might be wrong.
in fact, i'll tell you this.
in say 5 to 10 years time.
if you still feel the same.
that learning is pointless.
i'll take down that picture.

though i doubt im wrong.
i have a 97% chance of being right at this.
because 3% will end up as movie stars, or extras.

most of them... extras.

Hypothetical Taufik

A guy named, hang on, okay lets just give him a hypothetical name; Taufik recently asked on facebook,

"Bro, berlakon ni full time ke, part time bro?"

Recently I have been replying chats on facebook. So I thought why not. But I didn't know how to reply to such question. As usual, when you don't know the best way to answer a question, ask a question.

"Do you have anything that you particularly like doing in your free time? Collect stamps, play football, wall climbing, travelling maybe?"

And he replied.

"Travel la kot, baru sekali jeww tapi, huhuhuhu"

And then extending the conversation further I said.

"What about something you have a deeper connection with, like I don't know, something that you do that makes you... you?"

Now at this point Taufik here started replying with emoticons which started with a simple smiley and then smiley with glasses, and the something to the effect of a smiley with sticking a toungue out. I didn't get most of the emoticons, was it sarcasm, was he being retarded, was he emotional, what?

I resorted to reply with just a "?". And then he said, "How lucky you are, get a chance to dance with those princess dlm pisau cukur, hehe" (verbatim)

"Did you get what I was trying to say just now? Did any of it matter?"

And then he remained quiet for a while. I decided to end the conversation there. So anyway, hypothetical Taufik, if you are reading this, a short answer for your question, no it is not a full time job, neither it being a part time job. Damn there isn't a short answer for that still.

It's really hard to explain.

"Hypothetical Taufik"


a) out of curiosity i agreed to act in a raya telemovie recently. it was one of those that ended with the mother passing away in morning of the eid where her three remorseful daughters all teared up but all too late. i didn't play the mother.

b) bersih. i used to think that the political scene in malaysia is a truly loathsome experience, situated at the precise midpoint between a meaningless mortification of the flesh and brutal torture. but after watching how the government handled bersih 2.0, i chose to take a stand. and that stand is away from blatant stupidity.

c) obedient wives club. i think the best way to show disagreement is to join the club and disagree. otherwise, by not being part of the club means you are not imposed to practise what they subscribe to, which means, disagreeing to something you have nothing to do with. like disagreeing to the colour of your neigbours' newly bought azerbaijani's rug. strangely idiotic.

d) feminists and equality and surah an nisa'. an extension to owc, is the discussion about equality. the interpretation of surah an nisa' has nothing to do with men being superior, it tells you about a structure of accountability. yes we are all made equal but if that was true it does not necessary mean i can't follow orders from my boss the Gabenor, who happens to be the lady who signs your Ringgit notes. Think about it.

e) and some feminists i know suffer from an incurable disease of pretentiousness. just saying. i bet the retort for this is that all muslim men subscribe to domestic violences, suffer from HIV and most;y barbaric.

f) one feminist i know told me she subscribes to John Lennonism, particularly to the song 'Imagine'. I told her, I subcribe to the song 'Come Together'. And at the background there was me saying, John Lennon was shot dead on the case of being pretentious - though arguable. But of course I didn't say that for fear of a feminist backlash.

g) However some feminists I know are just bunch of awesome people. Sensible, adorable, successful and back home they have loving husbands and loving kids.

h) Parallel to that, until today, none of the arguments, banters, dialogues or even conversations I've had with avid UMNO supporters had been effective or worthwhile. Its like if my mechanic Ah Meng was on his deathbed and I myself was trying to explain to him the importance of selecting one's engine oil in accordance with changes of a particle's speed in a speedposition quantum theory experiment.

i) KIL will be awesome.

j) Here is my review of KL Gangster "Dush, pung, pak, kapowww, dushummm, aiyark, die, die, die, aiyoh my brother, die lah you, dush, dush, Imma gangster so macho! Dush! Insaf, God". And 12 million is a lot of money. Good job.

k) End.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Vitamins are for the Weak

Its been a while. A lot of things happened, some significant some not, some memorable and some as memorable as donkey cart's suspension. In short, I was held up. Anyway let us do this note-format.

1) recently we staged main dalam stor. I would like to thank all those who came. Youve been wonderful.

2) i was told that in a review of the play, i was said to have written the play after having koko crunch and orange juice for breakfast in a four room apartment with a big fat yellow cat on my couch. The reviewer also added that i was not in his word 'garau' enough in touching social issues here in malaysia. Now all that aren't true, i rarely eat cereal for breakfast and although i love cats i don't own one and my apartment suite while swanky only has three bedrooms.

3) for those who want in your face issues please don't come and watch my play, instead give me a call and we can talk about issues over mamak.

4) a good story should be accessible at many levels, those who thought that our stories lack depth should delve deeper. However, do it at your own will.

5) and also we are not in the business of preaching change or giving you wonderful messages about how you should live your life, neither we are in the business of retelling issues masked by weak plots. I am saying this on behalf of the production.

6) but i am happy that we were reviewed as such. It gave me something to think about over breakfast while waiting for my morning coffee. Anyway, i will be attending the reviewer's play this friday at the same place. Im thinking it should be fun to return favour.

7) enough about stor. I got married recently. Some thought i was very quiet about the wedding. Just so you know, if you haven't heard at all about it, perhaps it is because we are not close enough. I view wedding as a private function and marriage should remain personal. I am just saying.

Well, that is all for now. I am freer these days, i'll speak to you soon. Have fun with life, cheers.