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Sunday, April 17, 2011

weather report

when i was a a boy, i got my haircut at a saloon called Recca Unisex. my occasional haircuts would coincide with my mum's visit for either a hairwash, hair styling or a trim - of which i would fit in between the blip of my mum's hairwash and the actual hairwork.

everyone in my family which includes only my mother and my sister were most of the time oblivious to the result of having my hair to be trimmed by the same stylist - that we both looked the same. it was cute aside from the fact that my hairstyle looked like a middle-aged aunty.

my mother finally realised that something was a bit wrong when we went to shop for a watch. the chinese uncle suggested that i wear a pink mickey mouse watch with fake diamond finishing because he thought i was a 9 year old girl. soon after, she began sending me to a proper barber whom i still go to when i'm back in town these days.

my barber back home in perak is not as rugged as he was before although he still has his moustache strategically connected to his goatee and a gold earring not because he's gay but he thinks it makes him look like he is from the hood.


when i first got myself under the spotlight, some people thought that i look a lot like man belon. here is a photo of man belon.

you see. what other people think about you, is only as good as the weather report. weather reports are useless most of the time but when the weather counts, which means you need to weigh your options - weather report can be important as a guide, not the best guide but something you could start with. what matters is you tune in to the right channel cause some channels are plain dumb.

tuning to the wrong channel could potentially ruin your wonderful sunday picnic.


Monday, April 11, 2011

giant white ass

so i watched madu 2 last saturday.
a show about polygamy.
madu 2 was first staged in singapore back in 1989.
in 1989 i had a cat named ginger.
i thought about ginger for a good half hour during the play.

the play was about polygamy as the name suggested.
they had a Q&A session right after.
as usual, being an idiot, i had to give an opinion.
i think i suffer from 'opinionitis'.
that i have opinions about everything.
even when they don't matter.
heh. actually they never mattered.

sorry, a digression.
so yea i said... as usual...
polygamy is never the fault of the system.
erroneous human abusing religion is.
in which in in this case, men.
but you can't generalise men.
hence you are talking about a particular man, a person.
to which a certain middle aged slightly obese caucasian female said...
"well they are all men, so we can generalise!"


i forgot what happened after that.
i remember an image of a white donkey with an ass the size of a dump truck.
and then me and my friends caught that white female donkey.
put a leash on her and spanked her all the way back to her homeland.

and then later on.
we had coffee.
laughed a little bit.
we discussed about the play a little bit.
and then we argued about the number of lights there were in the theater.

i slept at about 4.00.
i recited prayer.
and thought about my mom.
and how we survived the turbulent years of polygamy.
we did okay... and then i thought about ginger.

smiled and fell asleep.

Thicker Than Water

Well i woke up this morning,
rainbow filled the sky
Yes I woke up this morning,
rainbow filled the sky
That was God tellin' me,
Everything's gonna be alright

Well so long, good friends,
When will we meet again?
I said so long good friends,
When will we meet again?
Well i don't know, i don't know,
But I guess I'll see you then...

Well I'm gonna pack my old guitar,
Move on down the road,
I'm gonna pack my old guitar,
and move on down the road (where you gonna go?)
Where I'll go, I don't know,
But I guess I's gots to go

When I woke up this morning,
a rainbow filled the sky
When I woke up this morning,
a rainbow filled the sky,
Well that was God tellin me,
Everything...Everything is gonna be alright....

Rainbow Jack Johnson