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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


she wrote on a piece of paper and yelled out loud
"super,super, the nomenclature of nature, persists, power, fuelling syndrome of cock!"
she paused and then she continued.
"in and out, in and out!"
and then she exploded into confettis of gold dust...
came a young pedant, packed her up in a can...
and then sprinkled her all over... the silver river.
"gold dust in silver river," said Pepper.
Pepper, Pepper talked about faith.
"its curvy and crooked and its slope is a straight line of logic"
young pedant came and poured honey and licked Pepper all over.
"Bye bye Pepper" said Young Pedant, and then he buried her alive beneath the Big Tree in Kuala Kangsar.
Sealed it with Kurt Godel's penny.
young pedant said, faith in actual fact looks like Jackson Pollock's painting.
and he said "it's not my time yet..."
that was when a purist smacked his head with a hammer made of acid.
little did he know that the hammer made of acid made its trip down south before settling in a middle point said to be where a perfect tangent can be drawn on the planet's curvature.
"super, super the nomenclature of nature!"
she yelled again.
from the bottom of the river.

Monday, November 29, 2010


see the guy above?
asians funded him.

spain has one of the best unemployment benefits in the world.
it could reach up to 70% of your last drawn salary.
say if your previous job paid you around 5,000 euro, if you were to get fired, you'll get close to about 4,000 euro a month up to 2 years.

imagine getting that much money doin nothing.
spain's unemployment level is currently at 20%.
means 2 in 10 people actively seeking employment couldn't find a job.
spanish government is financing these benefits.
a country needs to be productive to able to fund such programme themselves.
and a 20% unemployment isn't a nice indicator for productivity.

which is why countries borrow money.
and when someone else lends money, that is a form of investment.

just a note.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


ok quick one.

number one. people walking slowly annoy me.
number two. yapping bout your babies annoy me.
number three. talking bout your planned holidays annoy me.
number four. most people i know talk about number two and three.
number five. whining bout your shitty job doesn't change the fact that its still shitty.
number six. bank negara malaysia does not manage tax money. just a note.
number seven. the only thing i learned about life for the past 30 years is that, it leaves you by whenever you give it a thought.
number eight. most men wear make up during FFM. i guess that's why the organisers didnt recognise me.
number nine. the traffic police in jalan duta every morning is like a broken pencil. pointless.
number ten. people don't watch theater that much.
number eleven. jobless europeans are cool because they get unemployment benefits. these benefits are funded mostly by asians.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fools! Fools! Fools!

kurt godel came out with a theorem which in essence proposed that logic could not explain the whole truth - as logic is a system that can be improved continuously, it is impossible for such system to explain the complete truth. if God completes truth then logic could never explain God. although it is possible to use logic when arguing about the existence of God, it may not be complete, as the system of God is complete whereas system of logic isn't.

as an example. think of the biggest number possible. infinity? what about infinity to the power of infinity. no? see. you can't... because there is no end to it.

without logic then one can only rely on guts - which can be wrong.

this is where i picked my nose.

Monday, November 01, 2010

beautiful head - the national

You're walking taller than you should
The air is thin around your beautiful head
You're saying things with your mouth to me
That I don't recognize
You're aware of yourself lately

Redefining yourself
Designing yourself
You haven't looked at me forever
Got a diagram of your associations
A strategy
You're weighing your options

What would you trade me for?
You're measuring me lately
And I can tell
And I can tell I'm losing weight
You're measuring me lately
You're dressing me

Do not tell me I've changed
You're just raising your standards
Do not give me away
I am the same
I am the same

Have you found him?
Have you told him everything?
Does he say he feels bad about all this?
You've shown tenderness for me
Tenderness for me
To him

Do not tell me I've changed
You're just raising your standards
Do not give me away
I am the same
I am the same

start a war

what are you wearing?

a shirt.

yea i know. what's with the crowded flower motives?

my aunt got it for me.

less is more. less is more.

you mean less flowers.

you know what i mean... "less" is "more"

then if less was moree...


and what i am wearing is more...


then more is less... am i right?

yeas i think so.

so less is eventually... more? no?