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Friday, April 30, 2010

hidup merantau

when i was younger, i talk real loud.
then i realised, no one's listening.

i used to run everyday to chase the train.
i realised that, standing still is an option.
you'll miss the train though.

i used to know a fish lady in brickfields...
we don't talk to much cause i ain't got no money.
she taught me though... that no matter what you do...
you walk tall...
or baby, you don't walk at all...

and yes.
love your mother. you could never go wrong with that.

Monday, April 26, 2010

your post modern sermon made me barf.

its hard to be a saint in the city

ni gambar aku.
my mum kept it away til i found it recently.

there are about 6.9 billion human beings in this world.
which translates into 6.9 billion realities.

in my reality i am that guy in that picture.
you can call me delusional.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

emotional hedging part deux

its very easy to 'appear' philosophical.

group subjects into two, give an example and finish your sentence with, "that's life"
for instance, "you know in this world there are people who like you and there are people who do not like you. you like you, i do not - like you. that's life."

now, whenever you are in the middle of a deep conversation in particular with a melayu pseudo mat saleh, pseudo deep, pseudo bohemia, holding a beer, please try the above.

he will be very fascinated with your thoughts.