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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

who gives a fuck.

i had a chat with this lady who spoke not very fondly of malay movies - yes malay not malaysian movies. i had to admit that malay movies have failed to appeal to the learned crowd such as this particular lady who works in an investment bank. yes. an investment banker watching a malay movie in the cinema? unlikely.

as she was bla-bla-ing away, i managed to squeeze in a kanye-style question in between pauses - "imma gonna let you finished - but what was the last movie you watched?" she stared at me for a good quarter of a minute and just as the tune of silence started to get compelling, "sembilu! or something like that - the yusof haslam one!"


no doubt, i too diss some of the movies out there but, i guess in order to do so you need to be a paying customer. if you don't pay you shut up its a very simple policy. otherwise - who gives a fuck?

who gives a fuck. which is pretty much the state of the industry in malaysia. which is very sad. the chat ended when she started talking about her planned holidays in the carribean. which i bet is much more interesting than malay movies or me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

meteor sambal petai

sambal petai.
ada kaitan?

aku pun tak sure.
it did fit into a certain...
mental image.


dang dang delhi...

delhi's density is 9294 per square kilometer.
that is what... 9 people per square meter.
that's not just a crowd.
that's cancer.
no personal space?

i don't wanna go india.
im not too fond of people.

tahi tahi tahi

tahi tahi tahi


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

flying wheel memo pad

tip of the tongue-mu
tip of the tongue-ku


aku menang.
kau cuma senyum.

tip of the tongue-mu
tip of the tongue-ku

belum penat lagi.