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Monday, February 11, 2008


i used to have a friend back in primary school. she smells like tarpit. she spits gooey during recess and used to eat nasi lemak directly from a plastic bag. her father was a rubber tapper who kept pigs as pets.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

i feel like gandhi.

people my age, when i was born will have another year of working before they retire. which means when i retire only around 10-15% of them will still be alive. or perhaps less.

babies born the year i first went to school can now vote - rhetorically, decide what's in store for the country for the next five years. they could legally have sex 3 years ago. -i love sex by the way, did i tell you the time when i shoved my tongue into a whore's throat by accident in a dingy bar in kuching? that was 7 years ago, 3 years after i could legally sex someone up and the age of these babies born the year i went to school.

when i left school, babies born that year are now 11 years old. which means, i'm eleven - seventeen years ago - and seventeen is when i left school which was also when the 11 year old kids were born.

in 2 years time, my existence will reach three decades. in 2 years time if i were gandhi, ill be living in india with a wife and three children harilal, manilal and ramdas. somewhere nearby, some 54 years later after gandhi was thirty, a girl whom i had crush with was born. but she died in a blast earlier this year.

i had a dream last night that i was falling from a building and i got stuck to an astro dish. someone popped out from the window and asked - is it skill or is it randomness?

to which i answered - its randomness my friend... and then he cut me loose.