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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

on the last day of 2007

if you refer the above, i mean at the top of this blog there is a short description about it - in particular - stages that it will go through. i guess as at now it is in disillusionment and soon about to search for those guilty ones out there.

i would like to apologise to those who have been reading this blog so religiously which i have to agree is by far a masterpiece relative to some other commercialised, overtly politicised, socialist wannabe fuckall, blog for money assholes, now thats what your mother calls blog - blogs - for losing interest to write anything for most part of the year. well that is if any of you are reading it ... else, fuck you - you're filthy and you're not smart.

anyhoo... a lot has happened since i temporarily quit writing. like a lot, like i switched job which made me feel a little bit more important in the space i have acquired in this world. you see everybody has a place in history, richard brautigan said his was in the clouds, i mean of course that was before the cops found his heavily decomposed body with his brain splattered on the floor in his living room

speaking of jobs, did i tell you that before this i used to be a teacher back in my hometown in ipoh - actually my hometown is not ipoh, i say ipoh because everyone from perak is from ipoh - it is just the way it is. 'alah' like you would know if i tell you i am from assam kumbang, later you'll put on that blank face and start asking, "is that near ipoh?" for the record - im not from assam kumbang neither.

my first day in school, i told the class quite clearly that i will only teach those who are interested and those who are not, could just leave early you know like showing them that i mean business - they also meant business when almost half of the class left except for a few others whom their school buses are yet to arrive. i was later called by the principal to which he said, "hang ingat hang tera?"

i picked up smoking recently. one of the relatives asked me why? i told her it makes me feel cool bout myself. she told me to grow up of which i told her i did. only thing about growing up is, you'lll realise how small you are relative to things around you... so what grew i asked her?

anyway. happy new year and please talk less this coming 2008.