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Sunday, August 19, 2007


babi - lambang perpaduan nasional.

im not what they call 'nice people.'

generally, i am not nice people.
im ugly to start with.
so ugly that in some part of this country,
some people would’ve mistaken me for a goat.
but cosmetics being cosmetics. that could be fixed.
and i know you of all people should know that for a fact.
you still remember...
when you said, i will never be a good father for our children.
that they will all be under achievers who are either a failed criminal
or a corrupt policeman some sort.
if i had to argue... if i am to draw some parallel conclusion to what you've said
yes, i think they would all be criminals, well, in a way, but they will all be romantic criminals.
who stole money but not to worry. they wont give it to the poor.
since they’ll spend it for the greater good, fixing the bigger picture as we say nowadays.
you know why? cause my children shall never be walking clich├ęs - first thing im going to teach them about life.
not bad huh?

and then just last week... when you asked me, ‘if im sick… would you still take care of me?’
to which I kept quiet?
hmmm... well here’s the truth.
alright i will take care of you in your sickness.
however, I wont change the bedsheet.
should u be unable to walk to the bathroom.
or change ur pants. Should you shit in it.
Cause I’m allergic to human excrements.
i'm being really honest here.
u see. if im sick too then nobody would be there to take care of you.
but then again that would speed up the "death do us part" part.
you would like that definitely don't you?

but we'd be so rich you know. cause I have figured a scam.
and its not one of those obscure marketing plans which have failed miserably (thank you for not bringing that up) - this is the other one, remember the one I was trying to convince you?
you know the one about us making friends with
those important-important people, actually they are your friends so i kinda need you to make sure this plan work!
imagine us having children studying in KTJ!
we will both grow so fat - like some people we know :).
don't worry... they’ll still call us ‘nice looking couple’.
and hey, they'll even put us on the cover of Tatler
for several editions.

and then therell be time
when we will send our KTJ children overseas
some to melbourne, some to sydney,some to perth [australia very cheap]
and some to lim kok wing [for the pseudo depressed]
or maybe universiti Malaya or ukm. [i heard their medic grads doing quite well!]
whatever it is, its good enough to feed the equilibrium of our socio economic generic demand making way to push them up another class
that they would become good elite people
some would be homosexuals though [especially the lim kok wing ones]
because they are sexually liberated
and of course,
since it’s a trend these days.
trend. i could never understand it.
its western thing thing i guess.
are u there?
i guess not.
well, im about to finish
you see then
we'll grow older,
we would both fight
about that other man, about that other woman
*sigh. at times, i might be a little perversed which you would refer to as
"oh that bastard"
when you are out with your friends playing mahjong somewhere.
but trust me, you are the only woman in my life...
you dont believe me. i know.
Ah! That part.
thats when you decided to say no when i proposed yesterday.
you said that i did that out of desperation.
but. isn't that what's love all about.
about being desperate?

I love you. I really do.
and im just so screwed up now.

and im running out of things to say.
so yea...
call back?