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Monday, September 25, 2006

PURE LOVE refueling

we love that guy who thinks our writing lacks depth. we love the way he says ‘one should be political to be interesting’. we love criticisms and generally people who make ends meet by doing it and opinions and people who save it and even people who waste it. we love taxes, and people who make us pay taxes. we love bills, and people who make us pay bills.we love the concept - salary and people who would kill for it. we love money, we love having money, we love not having money! They commercially call it anti capitalism! Which leads to the idea of loving people who believe accumulation of wealth will take you no where [because they already have money that is] – but then again, still we love the fact that money will take us somewhere which is anywhere and if defined mathematically is still; no where. we love maths too for that!

we love poor people and the concept of poverty, we call it purity against life's quality and equality. we love people who pity and people who love to do charity even if its a way to cheat their financial statement yearly and the fact that they are just media frenzy!

we love people who talk about politics and economy, as they are essential – the engines of growth. We love to see them get bloated with ideas, and get bloated literally too. we love some who talk about changing the system while the system is changing them! we love people who use race to divinely intervene; "hidup melayu!" and think everything will divinely be OK!

we love smokers who condemn open burning! and smokers who think the haze is bad for lungs – Errr… well you think? - we love blunt people and their insults. we love coward people for sparing them. we love people who think but not actually doing! we also love people who do things without even thinking! we love honesty and we love it for being the best policy. but most of the time i think we all love dishonesty more don't we?

we love exaggeration, we love its extremity, we too love middle points for moderation is a hard thing to do. we love the marriage concept - we love housewives who are slim, pretty and petty in the mind – who are also experts in intercourse and we even love their pledge to " wanna live happily ever after" even if we know its the money they will live happily thereafter with.

we love that corrupt policemen because corruption should be honoured especially at that bangsar traffic light at 3.00 a.m. when we are out drunk. we too love clean policemen because they are never around. we love the corporate world, we love lawyers, bankers, accountants et al. - we love professionalism and even the lack of it. we love dentists even if dental care is expensive and yes we love pilots too because almost everyone needs to fly nowadays. some even love the concept of being jobless for a change since living is about changing constantly. and we all love changing since we talk about it everyday!

and you know what? we love that half banjar - half jawa pseudo-negro guy who says, "whats up G?" we love that contemporary-urban-classy girl who wears bling bling and surely we can't miss when she shouts, "chill y'all" and "i don’t give a shit about a thang" we love hip hop and we love you all! did we leave anyone out? no i do not think so.

we love mtv and the need to be definitive and we love that movie, that flick about football and lipsticks! and we could try to love its intellectuality if theres any. we love reality tv. even if reality doesn't even happen in reality! but thats ok, cause everyone can look good on TV~

and without hope or agenda, without even knowing why, without even examining the rationales, without even bothering to search for even an ounce of truth in the feeling. we just love it. we love it all. and i guess thats what we call 'pure love'!.