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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


i am tired. tired of having thoughts. thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts that would lead to something something and eventually someone would disagree and then more thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. i am tired of jejune accommodation of thoughts in which some would always be reading full stops and the end sign as some thoughts are different from the overall collective. the overall collective would opine and that is like committing genocide. the systematic killing of an individual, of personality and of freedom. freedom to express thoughts which are strangely tiring. it is tiring. tiring. you with your thoughts and me with my thoughts and we are forced to co-exist in the same space having to be civilised, civilised so we won't end up in jail. we bicker, we hate and we libeled each other or kill each other if we ever had the chance over thoughts upon thoughts upon thoughts that lead to the production of the commodity known as opinions that created this grand illusion that everyone has the right to opine. illusion opinions matter. matter. it does. it does not? opinions matter only to those who put matter to it. but those who would spend time putting a value on a certain opinion may perhaps be doing it out of courtesy. oh jejune jejune. opinions, thoughts, tiring.

tiring. but someone's gotta do it.



Anonymous said...

crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

babe.what gampang does mean

Mawar Berduri said...

juz be urself :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed with your post. and i'm amazed by your words and thoughts:)

Ween said...

Hi redza. You might not even read this but I'm a huge fan of your works. I mean, the way you see things and even the way you put them in words just amused me. I enjoyed reading your blog eventhough it has been abandon for months. Haha. Well, I'm into writing and journalism. And somehow your writing captures my attention every time. Keep it up! :)

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