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Sunday, January 06, 2013


i am going to feed the trolls. here goes.

a) Troll number one

cubalah tulis secara berfalsafah, dan perhaps you boleh quote mana-mana kata-kata ahli falsah untuk support kata-kata you. Kan best.... :)))

- what would be the point of writing a blog if i want to copy paste other people's thoughts. what are you? slow? i am writing conceptually, that means you have to have a philosophical understanding of what i wrote. i am not surprised why you left an anonymous comment. thank god for that.

b) Troll number two

First i found your twitter and then landed on this blog. Why all the above clowns are against something that could benefit the rakyat as a whole? Because we can't afford? Haven't you hard how much we lost annually due to corruption ? BILLIONS! 

and all these clown even say without PTPTN how the students gonna eat? Their plan is to abolish current PTPTN debts. Means you pay nothing. It is true that our oil is drying up, but so does our government's intellectuality. We rank so low in transparency index, corruption and top bribery table. imagine all these rakyat's money goes to funding free education. is that impossible?

- Yawn. Exact carbon copy of what politicians will throw at your face. How's your face clown?

That was fun. Speak soon.


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