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Thursday, April 19, 2012

this is free education

a) rumah, hak asasi, pinjam 500 ribu bayar 1.15 juta. so what's next, housing estate is not a business? really?

b) the right to be heard. trust me, you WERE heard. otherwise i won't be writing this. but that doesn't mean the world will change for you. change 'you' first.

c) free education policy. some people claim to achieve this without spending much. they plan to build 10 universities and spend circa 2 billion a year either through more debt or pressing petronas. really? that would work? who are you kidding?

d) without ptptn, people are deprived of options. so where do students go to now if they wish to pursue degree in private colleges? bank loans?

e) education is a business. a good business sector in fact. best colleges in the world are all private. at best, free education can only apply for primary, not tertiary. such system is built to motivate people to become better. you work hard, you'll get some.

f) logic. if first class students get waived, it is highly likely those who are occupying dataran are not first class students. i guess, the easy way out is protesting rather than aiming first class. ah! such is life. sorry i digressed.

g) malaysia needs 150 billion to operate every year. oil is depleting with dividend payment from petronas being reduced to 30 billion a year. malaysia is currently borrowing to grow. thus, priority - plug leakages, reduce expenses and increase productivity - not free stuff.

h) politicians are usually the creator of the issue and then they offer themselves to become the solution. it has happened many times. deduce.

i) don't get me wrong. i love free things. i have no reason to go against such policy except for knowing that it doesn't make sense. but above all, what frustrates me is the subsidy mentality we have. we are already walking on crutches, are we now asking for a turbo-charged wheel chair?

j) wake up.



Nur Haryani said...

don't you think him, adam adli, is great.

greatly noob

yasmin said...

Oh my. Been waiting for someone who has some sense to write. Thank Allah. Alhamdulillah (:

Adibah Baharum said...

hahahahahaha facepalm to those protester.!

Ibrahim said...

you cannot have a free education. you cannot have too much of good things in life. in malaysia, what good things exist? non-free transportation, high cost of living, low quality of halthcare, bad management of occupations, bad administration, and many more issues. solve only ONE of these problems, maybe living in malaysia is not that bad.

Farah said...

Bro, maybe they adore Greece too much. That answers the eagerness to be trapped in that scary cycle. Sighed. Im just thinking whether they have an actual back up plan to repay all that subsidies?

Someone should knock some senses on their head. Like literally, knock !

Been to the parliament house once for a school trip. 70% of the time was practical spent on unnecessary rants and fights

~fiOnAbEE~ said...

exactly!!!!! free edu can only be applied to primary edu. not tertiary! who are they kidding huhhh..comparing msia with other countries by calling the embassy or google-ing it on the internet. SERIOUSLY?!
they're def the clowns of the country now..LOL!

petite girl said...


suddenly I remember a sentence from a famous person which sounds like: We the Asians are strong today because we work hard since decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Free education... what does it actually mean?

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether it would be different if they just ask for free education rather than abolishing PTPTN? or is it still the same? ..hmmm...

Anonymous said...

okay.. i've accidentally stumbled upon your blog.. my first impression of the blog is you are going to write something about your artist life or something like that i should say. my first impression watching your film a longg time ago, is.. but you look so cute i actually dont even mind..never thought you actually have brain as well :) i do have the pleasure reading. not that i agree with you, but you have your point. so who cares what my first impressions've prove them wrong

p/s:this actually have ntg to do with the free edu. which i as a student totally go against. and im posting as an anonymous just for the fun of it. :)

mambang berbaju hitam said...

wahai saudara ibrahim, biar fikir pakai akal fikiran.

non-free transportation? is there even a country out there that actually offer free transportation for the citizen? if there is, do tell me. i'd be more than happy to know.

High cost of living? where can you get a plate of rice, curry chicken and mixed veggies for only rm 3? roughly about, $1. do take note that the cost of living of us, malaysian, is actually one of the lowest in asia. just fyi, it costs roughly about $250 k just to buy a small flat in korea. while here in malaysia, you can actually use the same amount of money to buy a semi-detached house.
expensive you say?

low quality of *halthcare*? berdasarkan kamus oxford edisi ke 8, saya rasa saudara cuba untuk mengeja, healthcare ye? if someones sick, is the health ministry to be blamed? more and more clinics are being built by the government and its our responsibility to keep our selves healthy at the first place. right? correct me if i'm wrong. saya ni manusia juga, saya buat salah juga.

tuntasnya, the fact that people keep on complaining and condemning each other, is not doing any good, living in malaysia is already good? what else do you want? to be showered with gold and money?

hidup ini memang ada musibahnya, kita sebagai manusia perlulah laluinya dengan tabah, jangan lah kita sibuk ditelan arus globalisasi hingga terjerumus ke dalam anasir-anasir yang sangat bangang. maafkan saya jika anda tersinggung, saya ini manusia biasa juga.

memang benar apa yang, redza minhat ini cakap. "we are already walking on crutches, are we now asking for a turbo-charged wheel chair?" dapat betis nak peha pula.
be enlightened.

cekgu nana said...

man. that's so true. the idea of abolishing PTPTN is the worse idea ever. even if they give free education, it's still ridiculuos. i'm a student, and even though i did not took ptptn. most of my friends are taking it. and most of them need the ptptn to manage their life cost in the university. ptptn is not just for paying the fees but also for their foods and books. i hope those 'genius' would use their brain and think critically. :)

Anonymous said...

First i found your twitter and then landed on this blog. Why all the above clowns are against something that could benefit the rakyat as a whole? Because we can't afford? Haven't you hard how much we lost annually due to corruption ? BILLIONS!

and all these clown even say without PTPTN how the students gonna eat? Their plan is to abolish current PTPTN debts. Means you pay nothing. It is true that our oil is drying up, but so does our government's intellectuality. We rank so low in transparency index, corruption and top bribery table. imagine all these rakyat's money goes to funding free education. is that impossible?

Anonymous said...

its like a customer questioning why the salesman offer free gift while others dont..if u got free offer juz grab it laaa..aiyaaaaa

Nuha Fadhilah said...

Definitely. I present to agree with you saudara.