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Thursday, December 15, 2011


points below were written by tun mahathir about 'hantu' movies and the plight of the malays. or maybe he too shouldn't say anything because he didn't contribute to the industry, you tell me.

25. Kita dapati ramai yang gemar mendengar cerita seram. Menyedari akan kegemaran ini banyaklah filem yang dibuat sekitar hantu, toyol dan makhluk luar biasa yang menakutkan. Filem seperti ini sering ditunjuk di TV dan pawagam.

26. Mungkin pengeluar filem seram ini mendapat keuntungan. Tetapi cerita-cerita seperti ini tidak menolong remaja menolak kepercayaan kepada yang karut yang tidak membina peribadi yang baik. Kes-kes hysteria ada kaitan dengan kepercayaan yang karut.

27. Menjadi penakut memalukan. Bangsa yang penakut tidak boleh dibanggakan. Janganlah kita sengaja menjadikan bangsa kita bangsa penakut. Sebaliknya cubalah supaya bangsa kita jadi lebih berani. Ahli-ahli politik pun tak usahlah cari bomoh kerana ingin menang. Bukan bomoh yang boleh beri kemenangan. Budi yang baik, tingkah laku yang sopan, keperihatinan akan masalah yang dihadapi rakyat yang boleh memberi kemenangan dan kejayaan.

28. Melayu mempunyai banyak sebab-sebab yang menghalang kejayaan mereka. Tidaklah perlu kita tambah halangan terhadap kejayaan mereka dengan kepercayaan kepada yang karut-karut.

if going by what you said, that one needs to have a big contribution to be worthy of an opinion, then perhaps those people who are not paying income tax or any tax shouldn't say anything about the country and shouldn't even vote since they are not contributing anything. don't be ridiculous.

polite or rude is up to one's interpretation that makes it a weak reasoning. my mechanic always say "tiu ni ah sing" but i don't call him rude, i looked at the context. you are better off arguing my points.

jangan jadi dangkal kawan.



Anonymous said...

I don't understand. What are you trying to say here? Please enlighten me.

double A said...

baca dan paham, sure paham.

Anonymous said...

bila seseorg memberi pandangan, itu juga merupakan satu sumbangan terhadap pembangunan sesuatu industri. tun was saying about pembangunan bangsa wei.. tp karyawan2 filem melayu lebih mengutamakan keuntungan. it's just plain wrong. ade sorg director tu bila org kondem, emo. nak menang tp bangang.. heh *oh i'm not saying it's u tho*

petite girl said...

From science view, there's no such thing as hantu. How to say this, like histeria, dont you feel weird only Malays suffer from it?

in Quran, if I'm not mistaken, there's no exact description of Hantu/Ghost.

Oklah, rigid kalau nak debate pasal agama. I'm not good in it.

But I agree on Dr.M. Maybe he's unhappy of the consequences of the genre of movie.

People like us takpa. The ones who have seen the other side of the world. But believe me, most of us in Malaysia especially still believe in ghosts let it be hantu pocong lah, raya lah and many more.

When I went to residential school, no one wanted to take the beds near the windows or the doors.Why? Because they were afraid of hantu to snatch/disturb at night. What lah.

When you're a boy, did you afraid of going to toilet for the cerita hantu you heard? I was! Thanks to the movies.

Anonymous said...

well i think i gotta second what petite girl said above and the points brought up by Dr.M. the media represents the citizens of the country and vice versa. what im trying to say here is, bombarding the citizens with this kind of stuff will just leave us on the same level of thinking. think about it. the people are more scared to ghost than the global colonialist attacking from every corner

Anonymous said...

I had to read the post twice to get what your point being..
agreed to Anonymous on seconded petite girl there..
TDMM points is generally towards the Bangsa Melayu, bc most of Malay movies watchers are Malay themselves..
the industry shall produce more quality movies, instead of cerita hantu all the time, perhaps of the stigma of easy money?
but I think someone heard or take TDMM points of view as challenge and in process of making new movie on Tun Razak & TTDI..
now thats, what we need more..right? anyways, maybe TDMM expressed those points bc his son, himself is already in the industry, hence, need more than cerita hantu bagai..

Ruscal M

Anonymous said...

Butthurt much?

Tun has a point. He, however, does not fully blamed movie for what happened to society. I guess he believes that movies have the power to effect our way of thinking.

Movie hantu melayu samada kena rasuk atau kena kacau je. Lepas tu cari ustaz nak halau hantu. Mana movie yg terangkan benda tu semua mainan jin & syaitan dan bukannya hantu? Mana movie yg bagi pengajaran bahawa jin & syaitan akan kacau bila kita lalai?

He basically asks if there's any producer who'd like to break the cycle; to change our mindset about another world we can't see. You should learn more about mystical stuff in Islam or neutral point of view.

Anonymous said...

redzaminhatpon bukan pandai berlakon sangat pon,jualmuka aje

Anonymous said...

gotta agree wif all the comments. i have the same opinion as tun. no hard feelings. but i know u hav your own opinion opposing tun's as well. well to conclude i would love to see more positive & mind challenging film. the one wif more important values. cheers