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Monday, December 12, 2011

aku bukan cheerleader dangkal

well yeah, 2011, about to check out soon. let's see what i have learned throughout the year

1) that being an actor requires one to also keep opinions to himself for fear of backlashes or not getting jobs. in short, selling out, becoming a phony cheerleader.

2) that its a year of uprising. but some people i know, the closest they have ever gotten to an uprising is one in their pants.

3) that i think point number one is useless.

4) that as long as your mother is proud of you, you win.

5) that people who continue to pull you down under the pretense of trying to 'make you better' should just be ignored.

6) that if life suck, you only have yourself to blame.

7) that love is the most powerful source of subjectivity. hence if you are capable to love, there is no reason why you shouldn't believe in God.

8) that it is in our nature to dramatise. to save time, one needs to reduce it. you can also save time by walking faster.

9) that if you don't enjoy something, don't do it, if you get annoyed by someone, stop listening to them. we waste so much time hating stuff we could avoid.

10) that if i do more, give more... i get more.

so... before i end this, God willing 'KIL' will be released in March. despite the outcome, despite whatever backlash, whatever criticism or reaction coming my way, i just want you to know i enjoyed doing it, and i enjoyed the people i did it with.

so to end this, here's to 2012. let it rip. :)



Miss Fireflies said...

yeah finally you have updated your blog.

i like point no 4, 9 and 10.

have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

All the best, Redza. I will support you. Don't be a sellout. Ever.


Eizza said...

March?! Can't wait :)

Miss Dolce and Gabbana said...

very nice post.I love point number 4,5 and 9 :)

Anonymous said...

well, Redza, i hv to say this. can you pls be more polite? you think you're better than the filmmakers? you keep on giving such a very 'erghhh' comments and make them feel down. kau pun tak la byk sgt bagi sumbangan dekat film industry ni bro. so, cube kau fikir perasaan script writers bila org kutuk hasil kerja dia.

Ahmad Tongkeng said...

hey why didn't i come across this place before? this here is pretty rad brother

Anonymous said...

i love your thoughts - redza minhat. love em so much! i think your points betul-betul buat i berfikir. some of the points you cakap adalah perkara yang i tak terfikir sebelum ni. i pun nak tulis apa yang i belajar tahun 2011 ni. thanks!