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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

so what did i say...

filem hantu, tidak membina masyarakat produktif - mencetuskan polemik.

some of you questioned my talent. as in what i could do in this industry.
well. here's what i do. i put words and words together.
and then i weave them into codes. and then i add numbers to seal them.
and then i re-engineer them as a weapon. a weapon that fits nicely into the frontal lobe.
and i use it to crush people.

ok i was kidding. (still using the frontal lobe).

cheers yo. RM


Anonymous said...

Wow I got carried away reading your blog. You're not pretentious and you don't find the need to please the crowd. Keep on writing all these awesome entries man! :)

Obat Tradisional Gondok said...

nice articel...

mampu said...

sebab itu mahathir hapuskan bahasa melayu untuk sains dan matematik.

untuk memajukan industri filem seram dan dongeng.

jadi orang melayu jadi bangsa yang tidak saintifik tapi bangsa tahyu.