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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sampah yang mahal

i have never reviewed a movie - proper. last night we decided to watch hantu bonceng in which at the end of the whole thing i felt compelled to write about it in full. by the end of this entry, i will ensure that the movie is being demolished entirely. so here, goes.


that's how my review started. but it took me a good 5 minutes to continue.


and then my mind went blank again like looking at a crumpled sketch paper. a minute later, my mind started wandering about baboons, monkeys and of various single cell organisms.

2 minutes later i threw out the rubbish.

so... yea.

i changed my mind, it is really hard to review something so pointless.



irahehe said...

speechless. hahaha. aku sendiri belum tengok cerita tuh. nanti nak try tengok juga. :)

Anonymous said...

Cerita yang kau berlakon pon bukan best sangat. Kire sampah lah jugak kan? =.=

Anonymous said...

Hey, was wondering why?

Anonymous said...

hahaha gampang betul! esaited gua nak baca! haha dang!

yasirah said...

Kinda agree with you. No offence people, everyone free to point out their opinion.

Hannah said...

It was not that bad. You are not giving the movie any justice.

At least you could somewhat justify the reason behind it.

In a way, your words orang ambil kira. Since you are lebih kurang macam public figure.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of Malay movies but then i was planning to buy that movie on Astro First since i heard reviews said that it's a good movie. But now i think maybe i should think twice.

Anonymous said...

sampah can be recyle back.kan?


redza minhat said...

hannah. justice is when i pad to watch the movie as opposed to those who haven't watched it. by the way, like i said, it is too tiring to put intellectual thoughts into something like hantu bonceng, even if i did one would say, "it's a comedy." so you could read other reviews which i agreed with pasted below.

knock yourself out.

Shaofie said...

rich of words. impressive.

applause a million times.

kerolizwan said...

you know when you had this thing you can never really tell because he or she is desperately in need of new ideas the fact it just wasn't hence the worst case spurted say hantu bonceng (okay you name it like hundreds of example on the reel). okay not a thing.

so i'm sad. maybe a little upset. this is my rants. think malay movies are lacking at so many levels, really. should the industry get offended by such comment well i hope so. tepuk dada tanya selera. maybe they probably take a quick glance and just leave. never happened. sorang viewer who cares kan.

i really am supporter. i'm not being that negative. i support anything by our late yasmin ahmad she was too great (oh we all miss her), maybe some by khabir bhatia and bernard chauly.


why do you think one can never get tired of all mohaideen's and idham's and shamsul's (and whatever lah produced by david teoh). okay. good thing they're the one who making money. no doubt.

then again

we're the ones who contribute to them. so please. WHY DID I PAY FOR SAMPAH? movie date dengan girlfriend tengok Hantu Bonceng, really...?! haih.

p.s i do hope they have better poster, at least.

pearls.. said...

tak best ker citer ni??

we all enjoy jerk tengok..

Anonymous said...

i saw u berlakon dalam Lakarya Azizah.real sangat u berlakon.sampai i pun menangis. u should review on that too :)

Miss Fireflies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Fireflies said...

love it!!!

i mean your entry.not that sampah.haha!

Hannah said...

The movie doesn't make any sense in any way.

And yes, the phrase "it's a comedy" is merely ayat tu support the movie.

With your broad and extensive view on the movie (my opinion la), people kind of get what you meant by 'sampah'.

Anywho, sometimes people do stupid things for the sake of it. Like,

- buy junk food
- smoke cigarette
- pay RM10 for a movie that you know its not worth it but you go anyway sebab deep down ada unexplanable sense to support local acts.

redza minhat said...

hannah. good point. which is why the responsibility is on the guy who sells - buyers are free to buy whatever they want. movies reflect society, indonesian movies depict struggle, french movies depict art, malaysian sorry, 'malay' movies depict... you tell me.

Anonymous said...

well i believe that your opinions are supported by the standard of lifestyle you're in. but you must know that Malaysia is filled with people who enjoy that kind of 'sampah'. people who are willing to pay 8 juta for that movie instead of Johnny English Reborn (as an example). they, which you must understand, have lived (and still) in a, you know, kinda 'kolot' mind and i believed they are trapped in it. because of what? because nobody is moving em! it is a sampah i agreed. what you said is right, but saying it 'out loud', is wrong. #justsayin

redza minhat said...

hey anonymous, must be fun to give anonymous comments right. it's like you said, you are able to say what is right but... without even saying it out loud because you are anonymous!

and... if i were to follow what you believe about what is right and what is wrong, gandhi will never be gandhi, Muhammad SAW isn't a prophet and yeah the country will continue to be a screwed up place to live in.

anyway, thank you for your comment. please read carefully. i never blamed audiences, the responsibility is with the movie makers. as an audience you are free to watch whatever you want.

get it? no?

redza minhat said...

and you called them 'kolot' not me. never once i called them anything. movie makers maybe, but i know for a fact they are smart so what does that mean?

irresponsible maybe?

Anonymous said...

oh sorry. im Ahmad, from Johor. first of, what i believe is positivity. and i know you do too. second, yes they are irresponsible. for leaving us, who demand more brilliant pieces of work. but their thinking skills are limited (from what i see theyre doing). cant blame them for making alot of money (which you did), cant blame the audiences for liking their films (which i did). we can just hope people who are aware of this matter, like you, who happen to have the source and influence, to help us out. like you, i also hv opinions about everything. but i am nobody.

Anonymous said...

setakat pakai gigi besi...n satu filem sampah with fucking lame payah cakap byk lar...ehh lupa..dh buka ke gigi besi ko tu?

azi who? said...

congratulations for putting words in perfect sense, now i would like to ask for your permission to use your entry as a reference when my friends ask me how the movie is or why i hate the movie when others are enjoying it. i am not familiar with the terms of slapstics, break up scene and such, but i am too, disguise the way they play with religion words, with how they make it is ok too say those under such.. i am lost of words already so, thank you so much i found your twitter today and it leads me here. Have a good Thursday!

Lolen Auddrey said...

hantu bonceng has all the elements - comedy, action, romance,"ugama" etc.

sampah has all the elements too - glass, paper, plastic, wood etc.

useless, redundant, wastage bla bla; something u wanna get rid of

u can recycle sampah

this is fun, like playing spot the differences.. or similarities

Tsir Ah Xuan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cik S said...

true. there's no point reviewing a sampah movie. tgk trailer pon tau sampah in the making.still, i do look forward you make a movie better than the sampah's. can't wait to watch KIL! 'Kil' me quick!!!

Anonymous said...

ishhhh!!!! hensemnya awak ni redza. melting habis la! i luvv you so much