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Saturday, September 24, 2011


this photo has nothing to do with the entry. but i bet some will still try to connect it. well then, it is up to you.

1) last night i went to watch a play at stor teater dbp. tickets were rm 20.00 each. i thought the script was intelligently written by the writer, fasyali. fasyali in the past wrote few commentaries about stuff i've done in theater - some of which could be cheekily offensive, but after meeting him last night, i know for a fact that it was just a friendly jab.

2) this morning i was in taman tun dr. ismail. i met a boy who sells calendars for his rumah anak yatim, i bought a few in which each was given a receipt. right afterward, we shot a viral video for a friend's running event. everyone was happy running around and as usual everyone was doing it for free. we had lunch after that and sat down for a few hours talking about the world, nothing heavy, purely event-related stuff which was descriptive rather than idea driven where one's thinking is required. on the way back i thought "life is sometimes perfunctory."

3) when i was a kid growing up in the small town of ayer tawar, there were no cinemas, the first movie i watched was 'fenomena' when i was 9 and the next movie i watched was 7 years laters when i was circa 16 or 17 - a movie starring nic cage called "con air". i didn't know much about movies just perhaps some i enjoyed more than the other.

4) when i was a kid too - it was a daily routine for me to join the 'jemaah' in the surau for maghrib and isya' prayers. between maghrib and isya' there was a blip where i will be wandering outside the confines of the small town i was living in, with my mind, most of the time i would imagine myself as a super hero with a white cape and looking like rashid sidek - whom i thought was pretty good looking back then. of course i am only able to do this if i wasn't asked to get the other old pakciks and Hajis; biskut kepala lutut at the nearby grocery shop.

5) the paragraphs i have written above have nothing in common and absolutely were not written in sequence. the only reason is because, they didn't need to be, i feel like each paragraph tells a different story, i feel that whether or not they are linked does not matter. what matters is the significance of all those random events to me and how important it is for me to document them. and of course since it is my blog, i could write about whatever i want and however i want it.

6) speaking of responsibility, the next thing i want to talk about is on the subject of being anonymous. you see, it is fun being anonymous - as 'anonymous' you could claim yourself being anyone or in fact, anything you want, heck you can even be Barrack Obama - i wouldn't know. the 'fun' part of being anonymous is when one is void of responsibility, like a child. it is of course one's choice to take that responsibility. either that or get yourself a freaking identity.

7) people keep asking me what do i think about pisau cukur. to be honest, i have no thoughts about it except well i enjoyed doing it. it is not up to me to review it so whatever i say or however i feel about it carries no weight. some people called pisau cukur 'rubbish' some people called MY acting 'rubbish' - i could of course retaliate but still, it is NOT within my right to stop them from saying it.

8) in the previous entry someone questioned where i am in the industry. funny. whether or not i am 'someone' in the industry or whether or not i am a 'public figure' it does not matter. it is not something that bothers me anyway.

9) it is never my intention to hurt anyone. but if you were hurt, i am sorry. but saying sorry doesn't mean i take back what i said. why i said it, has been explained and if you wish to argue do so responsibly.

10) yes. rubbish is rubbish. i wish to move on and therefore anymore comments about the previous entries shall not be entertained.

love - RM.


syahNURazni said...

ada sesetengah manusia susah nak terima kritikan sebagai sesuatu yg positive... they tend to take it as condemption... well i've been a silent reader since the first time i follow... banyak nak comment tapi tak terkeluar... erm for me, orang bleh ckp apa saja... and up to us untuk menilai, kalau positive and utk kebaikan, kenapa tidak kita terima... tp kalau rasa our masterpiece tu dah cukup bagus, and kritikan yg datang tu hanya utk menjatuhkan kita... rasanya elok diabaikan...

one thing about being 'anonymous'... org yg jadi 'anonymous' ni orang yang takut dengan bayang2 diri sendiri and tak berani bertanggungjawab dengan apa yg dikatakan... hehehe

Eeqa Amin Shah said...

You're such a good writer bro. I like the way you deliver what you wanted to say and the structure of your sentences and also the sarcasm in your writing. Just love it anyway. You should really be a writer.

reen said...

was it theater jutajuta? awesome tak?

Anonymous said...

syahNURazni: anonymous is not necassarily a coward.

some who do good deeds remain anonymous simply because they do not want to take credit for what they did. 'tangan kanan memberi, tangan kiri pun tak tahu.'

some who do bad things do remain anonymous to get away with what they did. 'baling batu, sembunyi tangan'. this is a true coward.

i do not consider myself as a coward for being anonymous when i know my comments meant well, however they may sound.

eeQa: what cup size are you? seriously girl, have some pride, wear decent clothes.

anonym CJ

redza minhat said...

syahnurazni. good point.
eeqa. thanks for reading. you look nice.
and reen. yes. teater juta juta. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...first anonymous is u right. funny. :p

redza minhat said...

no you are funny. i am anonymous?

redza minhat said...

no you are funny. i am anonymous?

-rye- said...

this is interesting. i mean, reading your writing and the comments too. it really made my day.

cik S said...

u don't need to be a somebody to say something about the industry. its high time they make changes & make our money worth paying. movies like that, only worth watching on youtube then paying a dime. disagrees with movies coming out in astrofirst - kalau tau keluar kat astro baik tunggu astro je dari byr duit parking/lrt/popcorn/etc to watch the movie.

her said...

i love reading ur rubbish. keep it up.

you're cute in the Gillette movie.

thanks for making my friends all jelllyy and goooeeyyy seeing you.

all the sentences are not in sequence and not so related to each other. since this is my comment, i can write it in any ways i want, kan? hehe kidding.

perfect fit soulgasm said...


saya rasa terpanggil nak komen pasal entry ni.
spesifiknya bila ada yg gelar your acting as rubbish.
saya percaya lakonan redza dalam pisau cukur yg paling byk dapat feedback sebab watak redza sebenarnya berjaya.

dan kenapa org kata lakonan redza sampah? sebab watak tu ringkas
watak yg ringan dan obviously cute. :) and there's nothing wrong about it.

cuba lihat watak boy dalam filem KAMI. watak antagonis. Zahiril Adzim pada ketika itu juga baru dalam filem arus perdana. zahiril seperti redza lebih banyak berjuang dalam teater bukan? tetapi kenapa zahiril lebih di angkat? sebab watak antagonisnya. watak boy nampak berjaya sebab nampak 'jahat', 'kejam' etc.

this is my point. org melihat watak jahat lebih berjaya. tak kira siapa yg bawa. pelakon baru atau lama, berbakat atau tidak, watak antagonis nampak lebih berjaya. walhal, watak antagonis yg lebih sukar di bawa. lihat Heath Ledger (RIP) dalam The Dark Night, tak perlu taip pjg lebar, nuff said. :)

Anonymous said...

luvre the simple posting... its not perfect but simple and honest.. -lilmizimperfect-

Anonymous said...

luvre the simple posting... its not perfect but simple and honest.. -lilmizimperfect-

Anonymous said...

perfect fit soulgasm. agreed. tapi rm dah banyak bawak karakter jahat on stage kot. orang tak tengok teater. plus i don't think zahiril buat banyak teater as much as rm does. dia kan pelakon full time. mana dapat duit buat teater. sekadar pendapat.


Asyraf Zulkipli said...

I think you were awesome in Pisau Cukur =) keep up the good work man.

izzati husna said...

pisau cukur okay je , ramai suka . jangan dengar kutukan orang . haritu ade tengok short film lightbulb, rasanya boleh diketengahkan . dah bosan tengok filem yang keluar asyik pasal gangsterisme je , kalau ada peluang cubalah buat lightbulb tu dalam version film :)