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Thursday, September 15, 2011

final two minutes of 14 september

a) according to newton, an object will stay at rest or stay in motion unless acted on by a net external force - which means, an object travelling at a certain velocity in a straight line will travel straight if there isn't any external force stopping it. resistance of the force is known as inertia. if we simplify this, it pretty much means we are all naturally just a reactive element, and this ladies and gentlemen is very much relatable to the craft called acting, as some would say 'reacting' instead of 'acting'.

b) for example, if you see a guy jumping around like a kangaroo in a drama or a movie, to me, that particular action by the actor could be classifid as either 'retarded' or he was being disturbed or provoked into doing it. most of the dramas we see on tv these days, the characters are rarely provoked into doing such unreasonable actions such as screaming out of context, crying loudly out of context or literally moving around like monkeys. yes, literally. feel free to prove me wrong on this.

c) which leads to some commentaries about choices i made as an actor - especially on screen which is usually described as 'kaku' or stiff. you see whenever in a scene my motivation is only the necessary actions written in the script or merely a reaction to the other actors. in other words, i do not jump around like monkeys to prove i am embracing the craft called acting unnecessarily.

d) if i were to expand this further, my writing in general is also merely a reaction to the observation of the surrounding. for instance, whenever i made fun of atheists or activists (funny how they actually rhyme!) it is merely a reaction and most of the time a reaction to being imposed of things i do not agree to.

e) saying the above, i rarely see myself playing the role of a provocating agent. in fact if ever i did so, please accept my apology.

f) so remember, an object travelling in a straight line will remain the way it is unless disturbed - hence, disturb with care.

g) this post was written in two minutes, if you caught mistakes, nyeh, who cares.

till soon. love, love, hugs, hugs.



alifah saiful said...

OMG! in two minutes?
u remind me about my SPM paper..

Anonymous said...

agree. little facial expressions r enough to express yourself, big ones.. esp running around like monkeys.. makes it seem too dramatic and not touching (unreal).

u always give new things to think about! keep it up.

Anonymous said...

less is more. i think your acting is superb. your facial expression tells all, i'm too miffed at actors who exaggerate bodily movements.

Hello said...

but yes, your acting is kaku sometimes.not an award winning. i'm sorry to say, honestly.

and one doesn't have to jump like monkey to be a good actor. for example, fauziah nawi, the way she acts, as if she connects with the audience u know, we can feel her emotion, if she's mad, if she's sad, she can talk very softly but somehow we know what she's trying to deliver through her role.

you're like Khairil Anwar, he just act but no matter how long he's in the industry, nobody acknowledges him.

your tone is flat and your facial expression is just one type. maybe u should get a different role more challenging. for example, in Kasih Najiha when your girlfriend Neelofa caught you red handed you didn't look shocked just your usual expression.

but being good looking will get you far in this industry I believe. bonus.and u can do better i think, since you're a theater activist.

p/s: nevertheless, your role in Pisau Cukur fit u perfectly.

redza minhat said...

if facial expressions make one a good actor then all mime and clowns could win award. fortunately it is never my goal to win awards especially in this country. i think actors are all about choices, one being caught red handed and producing an expression as if he is shocked is very easy to do, i will post a variety of photos of me doing that, i could even cry to add more into it, if you want it. but like i said, actors are about choices and i choose one being a more intellectual one rather than amateurish. whether or not you could digest something less obvious or 'in your face' is enturely your prerogative. i think khairil anwar is a decent actor even without awards. but thank you for that comment, one i would usually get from a fan of orthodox acting.

Hello said...

I think you know better the difference between acting in theatre and tv. Yes maybe I'm an orthodox but ask any expert in this kind of industry, acting is all about expression and how much you're into your role, the impact I mean. That fact won't change even in hundred years. You are an amateur. I'm not talking about facial expression that a clown or anyone can make, it is THE expression that suits your role, something that is less obvious yet audience can detect it. Not an exaggerated shock kind of expression that you have to bulge your eyes out, yez anyone can do that. Not something that can be proud of. If one cannot associates actor with expression then what should we asso iate you people with?...anyway Khir Rahman is an example of good actor. Ok all the best.

redza minhat said...

what should one associate an actor with? i have explained in the entry. logic. that is all you need. i am an amateur since i do not earn a living through acting, thank you for pointing that out.

here is how i prove you wrong on kasih najihah. i was dating the sister of my girlfriend, logic, showing too much means i am giving too much to the sister which would bring suspicion, remember, the sister does not know i am dating her sister. LOGIC.

saying actors are all about expressions is degrading. it is a more intelligent craft then what you claim it is.

making it worse. it is subjective. you are of course entitled to your opinion. thanks.

redza minhat said...

and by the way funny how you commented about 'something less obvious yet audience can detect it.' in a certain scene where the premise is strong, given adequate intellectual capacity, it doesn't take much for you to detect it.

saying that though an actor can only offer a choice he made, the director decides and the audience will judge, and you judged, hence fair enough. fair enough because you watched it - which is a good thing.

and for that thank you, i'll take that comment and improve. take care! :)

Anonymous said...

A very good lawyer for yourself I see.haha ok, I'll let you have the last say. u too, ki wo tsukete:)

Anonymous said...

hehe funny this come from you.
i remember watching a raya telemovie lahzizah.

the scene where you said "mak..mak...innnalillah......mak...mak" oh my boleh pulak sambung the last two, which sound so awkward.
thank god all the three daughters were so good at acting, they cover the awkwardness.

And another scene earlier, you said something like "makcik dah mcm mak saya. kalau diorang hurt makcik, samalah mcm diorang hurt saya". I sensed that you were trying to change the tones from mellow to marah between the two sentences. But the attempt was accompanied by an expressionless face. In the end you sound like you were angry at the makcik. To sum up you were so kaku and awkward.

Hey, who am I to criticize, just a response from an anonym viewer. Please take this positively.

redza minhat said...

thanks anon. maybe we just have different taste. just curious. who is your favourite malaysian actor?

Anonymous said...

who's my fav m'sian actor? hmm..i don't know much about local movies or dramas.

but last raya, i happened to watch a lot of tv. I remember watching Lahzizah & another raya telemovie. forgot the title but it was about a dad who sacrifices a lot for his only daughter.

The actor was Razak Ahmad. In the telemovie, his lines were mostly monologue. The only dialogues he had were with another prisoner who was not even face to face with him. Yet, he was so good with his lines and impressions. He was able to make us (me, i don't know about others) feel his guilt, grief, sadness, acceptance...and so many more emotions as he played along his character.

I think yeah Razak Ahmad could be one of my favorites.

amir said...

Fuck you guys. Adlin Aman Ramlie, Khir Rahman and Mamat Khalid are the best.