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Friday, August 05, 2011

sahur thoughts

i don't know if you noticed but no love stories are similar, let's just say hypothetically there are about 6 billion love stories (because there are about 6 billion people in this planet), believe it or not, those stories remain exclusive to its own. you could offer conjectures as to why people love people, money, sex, food, shelter, fear, science or even social convention but none can be verified except by those who own those stories and even then, they might be lying.

i believe trying to find similarity or trying to see these stories from your own point of view equals a mere generalisation which is shallow and perfunctory. because i believe love, like faith is just inexplicable except only to oneself.

one thing for sure, love stories keep you going, it gives you hope. the world could crumble one day but you'll never fall short of love stories. hence if i were to make a bet, i'll bet on love... which means betting on faith.

you can stop here or continue reading because i will finish this with a line or two about faith. because in the end, like a love story, faith towards religion or God or whatever it is out there can only be two. yours and mine.

imposing your views will never change that fact. salam ramadhan.



Noor Alifah Binti Saiful said...

you're so true.
do have faith in your love story

P.S: i love your words.

Aliah Nordin said...

This is brilliant. I very much agree :)

nadd. said...

Well said. :)