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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

movies galore

a) oscar wilde said, there's no point in writing when you don't annoy anyone. i subscribe to that. so if you've been annoyed, don't take it to the heart.

b) here's my review of Flat 3A.

"what were they smoking? i want some."

c) ghost stories in malaysia broadly have one similar formula. all characters will do scary stuff. like you know checking a dead body at midnight. or having conversation in dark places, for a strange reason, most scenes are played in a room with one light bulb. or live in a rundown apartment that was so obviously haunted.

d) adding to the point above,most actors in scary movies are judged by how scared they could look on screen.

e) some people commented that, ghost stories or in fact movies broadly are not supposed to make sense or have logic or be 'real' because films aren't supposed to be. unfortunately that is not true. a story is real only in the reality of the story. for instance, writing a story about a guy who has super powers might not be the case in real life but is the case in the story. therefore, what would make sense in that story is a clear logical sequence how he obtains the power. otherwise it would be just random and perhaps become a comedy. saying that i think most movies in malaysia, due to absence of logic are just comedies. bad ones though.

f) another observation is, some of the movies which were badly written have one common weakness, some of the mini conflict created were often left unresolved. 'karak' is a prime case for this.

g) saying that though, i thought "tolong awek aku pontianak" was a fairly good movie. you should catch it if you have the time and resources.

h) salam ramadhan. my wife saw rahim maarof in pasar ramadhan taman tun. she was buying murtabak and there was a super long queue. rahim maarof, as if his skin exudes style, in almost flattish tone looked at the queue and said "kena beratur ke?". if my wife was lying then i am lying.

i) i am watching "sayang you can dance" while writing this post. that information was totally useless and has no bearing in this entry - which is my review of that movie.

h) if you felt annoyed. refer to point number one.



♕Shareyza Ghazali♕ said...

Good judgement,no doubt. Feel like reTWEET and reBLOG this entry! :)

CinderLaLa said...

can I LIKE n keep LIKE? Yeahh...agree with (g)...such as simple horror movie..but nice!

♥munchkut♥ said...

no offense, but i think most of them don't do the studis before came out with a movie - refer to Malay movies. And it's pathetic to knows that movies industry in Malaysia have seasons. Once a ghost stories come out, the rest of the directors are thinking to make one too and end up with a very ridiculous story :(

BuDaK cOmOt said...

I wonder why most of the ghost stories actor/actress( mostly actress ) screamed more than the viewers? I believe the purpose for ghost stories is to make viewers scared not the actor/actress.