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Saturday, August 06, 2011


a) when i was dating my wife back then, once i brought her to watch a malay movie in the cinema, she fell sick literally after the movie.

b) since then i would usually watch malay films either alone or with other friends who are into self inflicted pain.

c) i have an original dvd copy of the movie above. in retrospect, the worst purchase ever.

d) i am not sure whether the above can be considered as an artwork from the directing, writing, acting and even camera work. for a start, before we even discuss about logic i think if you want to appear as if you have the ability to converse in english, as an actor you are responsible to learn how to do it.

e) the movie however allegedly grossed around 2 - 3 million.



Judiene said...

I agree with your point number 4.
I don't know what's her name but the actress who played Raja Farah's mother in this movie sucks big time.
By the way, your blog is awesome!
Love reading it.


Suhaiza said...

Aku gelak sangat tengok movie ni. Sebab Raja Farah asyik la sebut "by the way" nak dekat bepuluh kali. Haha.

Superzac said...

almost had a cardiac arrest + epileptic episode from the 'english' lines. i'd drink to the self inflicing pain allright...

Aqilah Joifin said...

Point a and b made me laugh out loud.

I think I can relate to your wife.

I felt nauseous throughout the movie when my boyfriend "insisted" we watch Hantu Bonceng. I made a vow to not go watch "horror themed" malay movies anymore

But with that said,there were Malay movies that i honestly did enjoy watching

and i'm really looking forward to watching KIL after a friend posted the trailer on my Facebook page.(yes I am a little left behind sometimes, thank god for my friends whose motto's are "sharing is caring")

All the best for your future ventures, oh and although a couple of months late, Selamat Pegantin Baru, semoga kekal ke akhir hayat dan dimurahkan rezeki, Amin :)