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Monday, July 18, 2011

we are all extras.

this is you. hypothetically.

you dream of becoming a movie star.
but at the same time you are already pursuing a degree.
but you think studying is pointless.
nothing beats becoming a movie star.

i'm telling you.
you might be wrong.
in fact, i'll tell you this.
in say 5 to 10 years time.
if you still feel the same.
that learning is pointless.
i'll take down that picture.

though i doubt im wrong.
i have a 97% chance of being right at this.
because 3% will end up as movie stars, or extras.

most of them... extras.

1 comment:

ruffey said...

i'm pretty much happy i am currently pursuing a medical degree, my convo in next November insya Allah.

but i do dreaming of involving in at least theater (movie too far kot), for the sake of art. i play music instruments, painting, poem-writing, and actively involved in choir last time (choir is for people who can't sing solo haha).

i love arts. especially arts for emo people, like me