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Monday, July 18, 2011


a) out of curiosity i agreed to act in a raya telemovie recently. it was one of those that ended with the mother passing away in morning of the eid where her three remorseful daughters all teared up but all too late. i didn't play the mother.

b) bersih. i used to think that the political scene in malaysia is a truly loathsome experience, situated at the precise midpoint between a meaningless mortification of the flesh and brutal torture. but after watching how the government handled bersih 2.0, i chose to take a stand. and that stand is away from blatant stupidity.

c) obedient wives club. i think the best way to show disagreement is to join the club and disagree. otherwise, by not being part of the club means you are not imposed to practise what they subscribe to, which means, disagreeing to something you have nothing to do with. like disagreeing to the colour of your neigbours' newly bought azerbaijani's rug. strangely idiotic.

d) feminists and equality and surah an nisa'. an extension to owc, is the discussion about equality. the interpretation of surah an nisa' has nothing to do with men being superior, it tells you about a structure of accountability. yes we are all made equal but if that was true it does not necessary mean i can't follow orders from my boss the Gabenor, who happens to be the lady who signs your Ringgit notes. Think about it.

e) and some feminists i know suffer from an incurable disease of pretentiousness. just saying. i bet the retort for this is that all muslim men subscribe to domestic violences, suffer from HIV and most;y barbaric.

f) one feminist i know told me she subscribes to John Lennonism, particularly to the song 'Imagine'. I told her, I subcribe to the song 'Come Together'. And at the background there was me saying, John Lennon was shot dead on the case of being pretentious - though arguable. But of course I didn't say that for fear of a feminist backlash.

g) However some feminists I know are just bunch of awesome people. Sensible, adorable, successful and back home they have loving husbands and loving kids.

h) Parallel to that, until today, none of the arguments, banters, dialogues or even conversations I've had with avid UMNO supporters had been effective or worthwhile. Its like if my mechanic Ah Meng was on his deathbed and I myself was trying to explain to him the importance of selecting one's engine oil in accordance with changes of a particle's speed in a speedposition quantum theory experiment.

i) KIL will be awesome.

j) Here is my review of KL Gangster "Dush, pung, pak, kapowww, dushummm, aiyark, die, die, die, aiyoh my brother, die lah you, dush, dush, Imma gangster so macho! Dush! Insaf, God". And 12 million is a lot of money. Good job.

k) End.


Suhaiza said...

can't wait for your telemovie la...tapi best jugak kalau kau jadi mak....hahaha :D

dedalie said...

point a and j is hillarious!

Mya said...

i love the point j.


Farah said...

i hate when you talk because they all make perfect sense now.

Anonymous said...

Agree-ing 101% on point i). InsyaAllah. Can't wait!