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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hypothetical Taufik

A guy named, hang on, okay lets just give him a hypothetical name; Taufik recently asked on facebook,

"Bro, berlakon ni full time ke, part time bro?"

Recently I have been replying chats on facebook. So I thought why not. But I didn't know how to reply to such question. As usual, when you don't know the best way to answer a question, ask a question.

"Do you have anything that you particularly like doing in your free time? Collect stamps, play football, wall climbing, travelling maybe?"

And he replied.

"Travel la kot, baru sekali jeww tapi, huhuhuhu"

And then extending the conversation further I said.

"What about something you have a deeper connection with, like I don't know, something that you do that makes you... you?"

Now at this point Taufik here started replying with emoticons which started with a simple smiley and then smiley with glasses, and the something to the effect of a smiley with sticking a toungue out. I didn't get most of the emoticons, was it sarcasm, was he being retarded, was he emotional, what?

I resorted to reply with just a "?". And then he said, "How lucky you are, get a chance to dance with those princess dlm pisau cukur, hehe" (verbatim)

"Did you get what I was trying to say just now? Did any of it matter?"

And then he remained quiet for a while. I decided to end the conversation there. So anyway, hypothetical Taufik, if you are reading this, a short answer for your question, no it is not a full time job, neither it being a part time job. Damn there isn't a short answer for that still.

It's really hard to explain.

"Hypothetical Taufik"


Anonymous said...

maybe.. just maybe he was expecting your answer to the tune of yes or no. so when you asked the hobby q, poor chap went blank. hence the multiple emoticons. kot. :)

◤därkspidєrz◥ said...

different level of thinking..
different level of understanding..

izzu said...

hahah, this is really funny.

especially when you describe the emoticons.

i guess "taufik" just throwing random questions, to start a conversation but i think it didnt work out well