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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

random note

hey people.
so yea.
like listen.
i havent been writing much.
but i aspire to soon.
and soon i will write again.
a lot.
i promise.

meanwhile there's the prema yin video clip.
i've been told the guy who directed it was gambit.
whether or not he was referring to x men or an apparatus that could cause injuries.
that i am not sure.
anyway so yea. there's the prema yin's.

and then there's greece.
which owes the world close to half a trillion.

i don't know. i don't know.
this is kind of everywhere.

will be back soon.

love love.


LeSScAkAp said...

jyeah like totally random!

hiraz said...

mr metafizika ;) huhu

Pumpkin Peroz said...

never associate gambit w gambit~

Farah said...

you really cant get over greece and its financial crisis, do you? haha

Anonymous said...

yeahh...the title really speaks for itself...

from cheers to love love..hmmm, congrats bro :)

arastnitaf said...

haha. you're nuts and i know you like to be called that :D

hello Mr. Redza :D

arastnitaf said...

haha. You're nuts! an i know you like to be called that.

Btw, hello Mr. Redza :)