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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gossips and back bites suck. I didn't say it but I'm sure I read it somewhere.

"O you who believe, if a wicked person brings any news to you, you shall first investigate, lest you commit injustice towards some people, out of ignorance, then become sorry and remorseful for what you have done."

(al-Hujarat 49:6)

this is a shout out to all entertainment journalists in malaysia. peace.


amiera dyana said...

iadoreyou :)

Anonymous said...

hah amik kau. keluar ayat Al-Quran
sebagai dalil. hands down.

anonym cj

Anonymous said...

i want to serbu your wedding.. please.. pretty please.. :)
re-examine what you have been told, dismiss what insult your soul..

I only flip thru newspaper for fun coz most of the news are too crappy to read, it insult my intelligent..

See ya at Projek Disco Baldi!

Princess R.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to update his blog, PRONTO! We're dying to read more of your sarcastic, intellectual, satirical, emotional, nonsensical thoughts and rants ;)

ruzanna said...

Please blog more when you get the time. I miss your wit.

Suhaiza said...

I thought that I already unfollow you since that you don't update your blog...c'mon, we love reading it :)

Anonymous said...

saya peminat tegar gampang solo. please, please, please update ur blog.. sob sob =~

peminat tegar gs

Mya said...

loike ^-^

huda_no said...

woah. i LOVE it. this so........true. I'm currently studying journalism and yes, we are encourage to hold on to this ayat. Hopefully all the entertainment journalists read this and so they can prevent themselves from committing fitnah and qazaf. InsyaAllah.