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Monday, April 11, 2011

giant white ass

so i watched madu 2 last saturday.
a show about polygamy.
madu 2 was first staged in singapore back in 1989.
in 1989 i had a cat named ginger.
i thought about ginger for a good half hour during the play.

the play was about polygamy as the name suggested.
they had a Q&A session right after.
as usual, being an idiot, i had to give an opinion.
i think i suffer from 'opinionitis'.
that i have opinions about everything.
even when they don't matter.
heh. actually they never mattered.

sorry, a digression.
so yea i said... as usual...
polygamy is never the fault of the system.
erroneous human abusing religion is.
in which in in this case, men.
but you can't generalise men.
hence you are talking about a particular man, a person.
to which a certain middle aged slightly obese caucasian female said...
"well they are all men, so we can generalise!"


i forgot what happened after that.
i remember an image of a white donkey with an ass the size of a dump truck.
and then me and my friends caught that white female donkey.
put a leash on her and spanked her all the way back to her homeland.

and then later on.
we had coffee.
laughed a little bit.
we discussed about the play a little bit.
and then we argued about the number of lights there were in the theater.

i slept at about 4.00.
i recited prayer.
and thought about my mom.
and how we survived the turbulent years of polygamy.
we did okay... and then i thought about ginger.

smiled and fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

i pun hidup dlm poligami family and until now we are both of my moms.i xtau ilmu pe yg abah i pakai. Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won't have time to make them all yourself.

Anonymous said...

the pictures never fail to amuse me.
the writings...naahh.

Ap said...

oh so randomly organized.

i wanna know what happened to the certain middle aged slightly obese caucasian female.

Farah said...

you remind me of a friend who's currently majoring in actuarial science when everyone else said he fits better in the art stream. he is such a weirdo that nobody could ever guess the real story behind all his posts. sigh

Fara.zied said...

This actually rhymes. Have you ever write a poem? Pls try one, and I'll be ur big fan.

redza minhat said...

yes i do. once in a while. :) if you browse through you might find one or two sub standard poems. cheers sweets

Ashikin Muhiyuddin. said...

i have a cat and her name is ginger too! hahaha. Say hello to your ginger ;)

Andartu Timbuktu said...


bedah said...

Actually I thought about polygamy and predestination and wondered if these two are connected. It is said that your life long partner is predestined, other than the day you are born and RIP.

Could it be that God wrote your fate with a married man? Or that married man's fate is to have another wife? Or that his second wife was the supposed predestined better half?

Because in this particular predestined matter, there are instances were we could miss the boat and both of us stay unmarried, we could meet our predestined better half after we get married and divorce or we could get it right and marry our intended life-long lover.

Still searching for an assuring answer.