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Friday, March 11, 2011

you don't mean to be mean. of course!

have you ever crawled up, curled dramatically into a dark space wanting to be left alone because you feel worthless.
well, i have.
when i was 18.
like i crawled up to a dark space in between the window sill and the wardrobe of my room.
and stayed that for about an hour.

i wasn't crying.
crying is for pussies.
i stayed there for an hour feeling nothing.
until i felt something crawled up my pants.
it was a lizard.
probably feeling the same way i did.
hence he crawled up into the dark space of my pants.

i took my pants off.
but the lizard stayed in.

and suddenly i didn't feel worthless anymore.
because i didn't have my pants on.
strangely, it felt comfortable only in my underwear.
so comfortable i started writing.
a few years later.
what i wrote because of that lizard was staged.

i haven't seen the lizard.
i hope he is well.
because i am.


Eksotika Blogger said...

I bet the lizard oredy R.I.P. hehe

mya said...

<3 u redza

rnaimma said...

good good good

B said...

tha'ts interesting source of inspiration. what is the play titled?

hiraz said...

hurm...juz becoz of de lizard or pants..conpiussss ~~

saidatul said...

what a cute i know that animals need times to be alone too...hehehehe...they don't have akal but still can be emotional..hahahaha...likes the lizard...

Anonymous said...

I don't go for almost married men.

But boy, if you were single. I am going to do you real hard. Kiss you all over till your lips are sore.

Lick you here, there and everywhere.
Yeah, this is a sexually inviting comment. Just cause you said you were not wearing any pants.