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Friday, March 11, 2011

shit reading

have you ever been punched in the face?
ive been punched in the face.
by a chinese boy named lee sang chin.
he was tall.
probably the tallest 12 year old in the state of perak.
so like... yea he punched me in the face.
he left a blue black on my left eye.
i told my mom i hit the toilet bowl accidentally.
worst lie ever.
i knew that my mum knew i was lying.
anyway lee sang chin almost died two weeks after he punched me.
he was running to cross the road after he slapped my head from the back.
he was running to cross the road without looking.
a big red lorry almost ran over him.
but it didn't.
i said "damn!"

so yea.
the only time i was punched in the face.
was when i was 12.
by a chinese boy named lee sang chin.
who didn't die in a road accident.



mya said...

<3 u redza

rnaimma said...

damn! hahaha... evil you!

ayunietahir said...

haha. nice!

Anonymous said...

this however.. hurm.. yeah.. has a very nice title that coincides with its body :) so i approve the S word even if its not that classy :) Haha. However, it goes with this dark emotional aura that i'm sensing from your literatures :)


NuRuL SyAzWaNi (WaNiE) said...

Why don't u try to find him back through Facebook? :)

lolahunny said...
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