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Monday, March 21, 2011

'kasih najihah'

1) i completed a drama work for erma fatima's production. the title of the series is 'kasih najihah' and is a story about najihah (of course it is).

2) some questioned my decision agreeing to do it. most of the time i replied with a smile. or a nonsensical monosyllable like "mm","uh" or "heh"

3) where money is always the case some production houses still strive to maintain dignity in their artwork while some don't (which means as an actor, you're fucked).

4) in a production, the technical team works the hardest for peanut which is unimaginable.

5) as actors, the task most daunting is the 'waiting'. on average you spend more than 60% of your time waiting for your scene.

6) what i enjoyed most about doing a production is the fact that you travel to locations you won't go normally. for instance i now know that there is a serene graveyard in sungai pusu and that the shoplot houses in melawati were broken into partitions and rented out to indonesians and locals at rm 300 which is ridiculously expensive and cruel.

7) ruminah sidek is a fantastic actor.

8) driving home at 3.00 in the morning to go back to the bank for a different life makes me feel like batman.

9) but i am not batman.

10) i am redza minhat. and my initial spells RM.



syahNURazni said...

1) the drama is nice even a little bit slow

2) you look so different without braces

3) kenapa nampak kurus ek dalam drama nie?

4) pepun congrate for the drama... its nice...

zalinayaacob said...

lamanye nk tgu u berlakon after that makes my nite!!

machfairy said...

she is a fantastic actor.

probably one of the few mainstream female actors who actually have talent beyond comprehension.

redza minhat said...

thanks! :) you're kind!

Ramizah Mokhtar said...

biler citer kasih najihah tuh keluar ..
kat tv braper ...
kenape tk tau nieh ..

Anonymous said...

bank & batman...
what crossed my mind? - BAT SIGNAL. yeahh..but the difference is, in this case it's KIJANG SIGNAL..hahahah :p

Anonymous said...

For no 6, I think its better if you add, what you enjoyed most about doing productions is the fact you go to travel 'and know more about locations' you normally dont go to.

because, the next sentence immediately starts with informations of the places you go to rather than just the name of the places. it did not have much flow in writing and sounds a little bit off.

I know its not my place to judge your a grammar, but i'm a geek in that sense -o_o-

anyway, sounds that you had fun :)

redza minhat said...

anon 9.23 am who claims to be a grammar geek...

"I know its not my place to judge your a grammar, but i'm a geek in that sense -o_o- "

what was wrong with that simple sentence.

"you go to travel 'and know more about locations' you normally dont go to."

you are a fan of long windedness. thanks for your time anyway. (i bet you have a lot).

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. Made a typo there :) Im a geek, not a grammar geek, but jus a general geek that likes to help people with their grammar. Not saying that im really good at it. But I generally have more experience than my peeps.

Anyway, sorry if I came on a little bit too strong.

Anonymous said...

was channel surfing last Tuesday nite, hit TV9 and saw Rozita Che' Wan membagi pelempang to this fella and scream "bla..bla..MUNAFIK!!" haha. nice. I watched until the end.


Anonymous said...

omg redza minhat, you are one sexy man.

I want to do inappropriate things to you. Seriously. A set of handcuffs, some cream and you.. I am a very bad girl.

lots of love,
Creepy girl