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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

gossip blogs

spend less time with it and you'll smell better


theblabber. said...

super like :))

fulltime dreamer said...

honestly, sometimes aku tengok gak...but usually end up with "cam gampang je web ni...haha"

aznee yunos said...

tapi baca komen2 di blog gosip adalah aktiviti yg menarik haha sbb melihat betapa ceteknya pemikiran mereka-mereka ini. hoho cheers~

VFN said...

aha... agree ;)

Anonymous said...

hey, i read through ur blog and i presume that u have precious knowledge about everything. Actually, i m doing my assignment right now and thinking of the answer of 1 question. the answer has not even crossed my mind till now. It sounds like this 'describe the importance of human resource management of an organization to evolve from the administrative and operational roles to the strategic roles?'.. Please help, will u?

redza minhat said...

strategic roles for human resource, easy... pointers

a) identifying talents and retaining them
b) formulate a long term plan for employees' career path
c) formulate an attractive remuneration plan which has to be performance based
d) ensure an ongoing training program so that employees are competent in their areas of work.
e) create an efficient reporting structure for the organisation to slash red tapes and bureaucracy - in which unnecessary job roles are not created
f) create an excellent working culture in which driven by all of the factors above

i could go on forever but i think that should be sufficient for now. you may want look into those points further to get more meat to complete your assignment.

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot!!! =)

Anonymous said...

my english is sooooo bad..
can u give me some tips how to speak and write better just like u..

Mya said...

a total true =)))