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Friday, March 11, 2011


when i was 8 i used to play chess with a guy 7 years older than me.
i beat him most of the time although he was the one who taught me how to play the game.
one day, we were playing chess, i beat him again.
he was pissed that he threw my magnetic chess set to the wall and it broke.
i cried.
he left.
the next day he came to replace the magnetic chess set.
it was a new set.
but it wasn't the same.
i started losing after that.
i kept losing until i lost interest with the game.
when i lost interest with the game, i decided to not be friends with him anymore.

the other day i saw him.
he was working in a petrol station as a pump attendant.
i wanted to go up to him and said hi.
but from the way he looked at me... i'm pretty sure he doesn't remember.

i kinda miss playing chess with him.
i didn't say anything and i just left.

on the way back i was thinking whether he would still win.


Anonymous said...

*high five*

mya said...

<3 u redza

rnaimma said...

OMG... this is good!

yanee said...

world is cruel. yes i know

fulltime dreamer said...

I bet there's must be a trick when he replace with a new set of magnetic chess.

Anonymous said...

pg la say hi kt dia...mane tau die ingat lg kn sbnrnye....

aznee yunos said...

u miss playing chess with him?
so u are not excited to meet sumbody used to teach u play chess? oh ya u have lost interest playing chess because of him right hehe~

Anonymous said...

You could have gone up and said hi if you really wanted to. Im sure he would have appreciated it. And maybe he would have remembered. I dont think I would forget if I broke someone's stuff and even took the effort to repay it with something new.

If you see him again, say hi. It will show that you have a very admirable personality. okay? :)


SA said...

Redza it doesnt matter if he'd win. He might just miss those good old days playing the game with you too.