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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bye bye blackbird

so happy new year.

the mind has been a bit slow. lately.
the mind has been searching for a twist.
life should be lived in anticipation of a twist.
otherwise... life is just that - a big pile of unwashed dishes.
in a stupid little kitchen sink.

the mind thinks it is observing the world.
but at times, it believes that it is instead, being watched.
it doesn't matter which one is which one.
because both churn the same result.

the banality of life is the one that wears you out.
not crisis.
not pain not problem.
it is the tragedy of nothing happening.
the missing of a twist.

searching for a twist is a simple concept.
it is like listening to a good story.
a strong premise.
hurdles, fights, people in general, hate, pain - all are essence for progression.
a good plot progression provides a good buildup.
and then, there you go - a twist. somewhere.

be aware though.
in anticipating a twist.
the twist might not be a twist since you anticipate it too much.
its like watching a rerun of a good movie with a twist.
the anticipation kills it.
but without anticipation, you'll miss the excitement.

happy new year, surprise yourself this year.
if you were thinking to buy an mpv, buy a sports car instead.
or a monster bike.
if you were thinking to travel with that extra money saved, invest instead.
invest in stocks.
if you found yourself lying on the beach, reaching out for sunblock cream.
forget that for a while and just enjoy the sun.

so yea, later.

hopefully we meet again.


3ahia said...

Happy New Year
may there be some coolly fun up and down twisted story ahead us~

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love this one!
Happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

in another lifetime. perhaps :)

bcbg (biji yang sebok) said...

long live drama king.