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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

violence is the last refuge of the incompetent

i am agree -> wrong.
i agree -> correct.
i am agreeing -> correct.
i agreeing -> wrong.

just a note.


the other day i was with my mother watching 'melodi'.
at the end of the show i saw a mamak looking guy angry at something.
it wasn't clear what made him so angry.
possibly about a girl making up story about him.
but he was... so angry.
and in a fit of rage, he yelled
"look here, that girl is NOT MY CUP OF COFFEE!"

whoa. that was awkward.

of course she's not.
you moron.
sigh. people shouldn't be so emotional on national tv.
makes them look like a retard.


hiraz said...

gitu lah dunia artis..xlepas dr citer2 panas...
ape nk buat...huhu...

hiraz said...

u called mamak??haha..

Anonymous said...

well that guy mmg mamak pun..anak penang...n he actually said cup of tea..

but my conclusion after watching that stupid fella is that, don't ever befriend such guy...(malas nk elaborate further)

Antonella said...

maybe that girl is a bit dark. so he called her coffee.


hiraz said...

HURM...yeah..4got dia mmg anak mamak...hihi..wat can i say anymore...juz watching 4 de next news coming up on diz sunday...SESUNGGUHNYA HANYA ALLAH YG LEBIH MENGETAHUI...

Anonymous said...

i wish that guy said " she's not my cup of teh tarik"- lame, but true to his root?

dedalie said...

gambar ni sesuai untuk dijadikan- ko apehal? nak cari gaduh? hehe

thankGod u haven't appear in melodi :)

Anonymous said...

he said cup of tea lah!
eh thought you diss the malay entertainment industry? kenapa tengok melodi? fail

redza minhat said...

Yelah yelah cuppa tea. Oh my god, gimme a break. And anon 12.19 i never said that. Your attempt to annoy me is monumentally moronic. Sekian.

Anonymous said...

yeaaaa ari ni starbucks kasi free cup of coffee ..go man'an go..

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

haha..i saw dat one too..yeah, kalau die btol pon..he shud not be so emotional sudeyh~

kerolizwan said...

there are things are not meant to be said. and he did. she did too. not the one in-relationship,the other one.

so how's that for Penang freak shows? boria lah. mai Pesta Penang.

hiraz said... dari pihak gurl pon kte dh whoz gonna be blame??

Anonymous said...

why is it awkward ?

hiraz said...

pe yg awkward nye?? huhu