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Monday, December 27, 2010

"it's all greek to me"

let's see if i could come out with a venn diagram for this. :)

1. “Spain is not Greece.”
Elena Salgado, Spanish Finance minister, Feb. 2010

2. “Portugal is not Greece.”
The Economist, 22nd April 2010.

3. “Ireland is not in ‘Greek Territory.’”
Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan.

4. “Greece is not Ireland.”
George Papaconstantinou, Greek Finance minister, 8th November, 2010.

5. “Spain is neither Ireland nor Portugal.”
Elena Salgado, Spanish Finance minister, 16 November 2010.

6. “Neither Spain nor Portugal is Ireland.”
Angel Gurria, Secretary-general OECD, 18th November, 2010.



Anonymous said...

woww!!!interesting nih.cepat2..can't wait to see the outcome

Anonymous said...

so basically:

Farah said...

they will be if they dont start to control their country's expenses debts. haha

ayue! said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Redza.
Later kalau ada projek baru (KL Pac/PJLA/elsewhere yang orang berlakon theatre), please please promo kat sini ye....don't wanna miss it!!
Missing KL Pac so much as it's been quite eventful since I started watching Short n Sweet...can't wait for Necessary Stage's Model Citizen in January.

So please please pretty please... :)

Anonymous said...

where you go ?
bile nk update blog ?

3ahia said...

Netherlands is Belanda
Belanda is not Turkey