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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


she wrote on a piece of paper and yelled out loud
"super,super, the nomenclature of nature, persists, power, fuelling syndrome of cock!"
she paused and then she continued.
"in and out, in and out!"
and then she exploded into confettis of gold dust...
came a young pedant, packed her up in a can...
and then sprinkled her all over... the silver river.
"gold dust in silver river," said Pepper.
Pepper, Pepper talked about faith.
"its curvy and crooked and its slope is a straight line of logic"
young pedant came and poured honey and licked Pepper all over.
"Bye bye Pepper" said Young Pedant, and then he buried her alive beneath the Big Tree in Kuala Kangsar.
Sealed it with Kurt Godel's penny.
young pedant said, faith in actual fact looks like Jackson Pollock's painting.
and he said "it's not my time yet..."
that was when a purist smacked his head with a hammer made of acid.
little did he know that the hammer made of acid made its trip down south before settling in a middle point said to be where a perfect tangent can be drawn on the planet's curvature.
"super, super the nomenclature of nature!"
she yelled again.
from the bottom of the river.


teddyuna said...

secara jujurnya
grammar una lemah
english una tak bagus

so una tak faham ape yg redza cuba sampaikan

tapi una belajar 1 perkara hari ini

una masih perlu banyak2 practice
sebab english una broken

masih tersangkut dengan english secondary school..

so thanx tulis pasal puisi ni
akan cuba cari maksudnya ..;)

Anonymous said...

perhaps in 5-10 years time u'll understand the so-called poem

Pumpkin Peroz said...

was just passing by and wonder,

is this self written or it's extracted from a book?

because if it's from a book, care to share the title..

if it's self written i kinda think it's a genius, having the ability to combine all the elements of faith science (maths) and art~

Pumpkin Peroz said...

I was just passing by an wander a lil longer as i read the poem..

I was just wondering whether the poem is self written or extracted from any book..

cause if it's extracted from a book, care to share the title..

If it's self written, i gotta hand it to you bro, all the elements combine faith, science and art makes this piece a pure genius..~

Farah Rosli said...

then how about slim river?

mariakamalmilatu said...

Dear Una,
Read. Read. Read.
Read everything.
Make friends with everybody.
Good luck! :)

Dear Redza,
Amazing how your writing style is so similar to my brother's (he is, too, a financial analyst).
As with his blogs, I think I understand yours, but maybe I don't.
Ta! :)

redza minhat said...

the title is puisi beruk or a poem for an ape. written on a napkin by me. during a conference recently. i was bored.

Pumpkin Peroz said...

u're one hell of a genius..

keep the napkin..or any napkin that u ever wrote any poems..u might want to published it someday..

Gotta hand it to u bro..

pure genius..keep coming up with poems like this~

Anonymous said...

Takda kena mengena from this post. Just want you to remember this. Terjumpa this line while I was reading Norwegian Wood
"Don't feel sorry for yourself. Only assholes do that" - Haruki Murakami