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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


ok quick one.

number one. people walking slowly annoy me.
number two. yapping bout your babies annoy me.
number three. talking bout your planned holidays annoy me.
number four. most people i know talk about number two and three.
number five. whining bout your shitty job doesn't change the fact that its still shitty.
number six. bank negara malaysia does not manage tax money. just a note.
number seven. the only thing i learned about life for the past 30 years is that, it leaves you by whenever you give it a thought.
number eight. most men wear make up during FFM. i guess that's why the organisers didnt recognise me.
number nine. the traffic police in jalan duta every morning is like a broken pencil. pointless.
number ten. people don't watch theater that much.
number eleven. jobless europeans are cool because they get unemployment benefits. these benefits are funded mostly by asians.



shandye. said...

totally agree with number 10.

there is just not THAT many people willing to fork out good ringgits for a theater show in comparison to movie tickets.


Anonymous said...

sooo true

theblabber. said...

i do watch theater :)

p/s: be it with or without make up, i think your peminat still can recognize you.

Mieyza Mokhtar said...

agree bout no 10 ...

Anonymous said...

number one. wait till you get older.
number two. wait till you get one.
number three. wait till you plan one.
number four. wait till you become one.
number five. whining is pointless of course. if not backed with support.
number six. 1992-1994.
number seven. teach us how to not think during our conscious waking hours and maybe you can avoid numbers one to five for good.
number eight. belum cuba belum tahu.
number nine. said pointlessness is funded by asians.
number ten. refer to number six.
number eleven. I didn't know investment counts as funding. also, i wonder who funded the tsunami victims. unless you're a proud country like india which refuses outside aid. which i guess means asians do love funding.
number twelve. there's a reason the caps lock key exists on keyboards.

tulipbiru said...

number 10 - agree!

but when it comes to musical theater, the tix are sold out!


Ain Zulaikha said...


Ain Zulaikha said...

like your blog sebab i can learn in english .. keep blogging.. ^.^

Anonymous said...

hahahahhaha..nampak gaya anon 12:58's somebody from ur dept/office.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous's comment above is funny.

minahcoolio said...

good to see you back again..agree with number 1..haha but i can't say anything when 'the ppl walking slowly' is my

redza minhat said...

number one. anon 12.58 isn't from my office, otherwise he would have basic investment knowledge.

number two. i already planned my holiday, shall i annoy you with it?

number three. bnm does not manage tax money.

number four. when i'm older then i'll annoy people - not by choice.

number five. anon 12.58 again. isn't from my office.


minahcoolio said...

write something more..i'm so sure that many ppl want to see ur new 'luahan hati'.smile again bigman :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love how u answered anon 12:58's comments..seriously dude, U ROCK!!! hahaha (^_^)


Amirul Al Hafiz said...

nice~ but too personal

Anonymous said...


i like anon 12.58!

*i should not read u, but i did anyway

Anonymous said...

source of fund

raised through state and federal unemployment insurance taxes on employers. NOT funded by the asians.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.19 - shouldn't have bothered with your lame attempt to get my attention. but i did anyway.

anon 7.59 - really? :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, I have suggestion for you. I think you need to start economic and investment class for your fan so they can really understand the true meaning of fund and how fund are being raise. Hahaha, that will atleast keep my sanity intact when reading your fan's comments. Cheers!!!


reza said...

number ten: i'm pretty sure the girls who kept whispering "comelnya... "comelnya..." behind me when you were attacked by zombies only came to see you. maybe you should act in more plays. and tell the KLPAC PR team to send out more effective press releases. cheers!

Anonymous said...

101% Percent agree on Reza up here. Orang sekarang minat dengan theater sebab orang yang dia minat tu, berlakon/direct. Thus, keep doing the good work! People will automatically appreciate theater more :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.58: Chill la....banyak effort tu nak respond from no.1 sampai 11

In my backpacking trip to Argentina, met a German girl whose been on the road for 3 months and she's unemployed at that time. Said she got paid 3/4 of her last drawn salary. so she's in no hurry to find a new job. Cool gak tinggal in a welfare state ni.

oh, and bnm memang tak manage tax la....

p/s: Of all the country i've been to, I think spain is super awesome. plan la ur holiday there.