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Friday, October 01, 2010


rajinikanth is a hero in the truest sense. i've seen him beat up 10 crooks with one single back flip with one hand holding ray ban. forget 10, and then a set of 50 crooks with his vashti. in his movie talaphati not telephaty directed by the famous mani ratnam (based on mahabaratta text) he played surya an anti hero who was a bastard child dumped in a train. long story short, his nemesis married the love of his life and when they went loggerheads, he found out that his nemesis was his brother. of course he won in the end but losing so many. talaphati isn't like the normal masalla tamil movie formula - i have profound respect for the way it was done.

the swagger, the cool factor and the look of a common people made him a superstar. most heroes in tamil movies are averaged looking compared to their foxy women in lead roles. this formula works as it gives hope to average looking men - knowing that they stand a chance to get foxy women with well endowed bosoms.

guess what, this year Rajinikanth is playing an android at the age of 60. beat that!


Anonymous said...

will always remember padayappa...

Anonymous said...

do you know that they took 2 years to complete that movie? and the premier night in Malaysia sold out all tickets priced at 60 bucks! apparently it's the most awaited movie of the year. long live rajinikanth.

dedalie said...


let's watch this together. :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm...just wondering when one type 'HAHA' repeatedly for 20 times, does it mean one laughs harder, lauder and longer compared to those who just type 'haha' or 'LOL'

cause clearly it will take more time to do so when it delivers the same message - that one finds it funny and is laughing about it.

heh. jgn kecik ati ok, dedalie *tabik*


redza minhat said...


clearly you do not have a sense of pattern when it comes to words or sentences... each word brings a different emotion to it. hence why there are smorgasbord of words though all may have the same meaning.

cik S said...

ammah!! nak pi tgk!!