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Friday, October 22, 2010


JOHOR BAHRU PUTERI UMNO CHIEF said sanitary pad commercials will lead to social ills amongst the younger generation.

Chief Puteri UMNO. what is that? is that even a job? you do that for a living. you can?

anyway. that brought me to those days when i was a kid when i used to watch the 6 o clock chinese drama with mum everyday. she comes back home from work at 5.30 and well we had no astro.

two things i remember most, "hoi munnnn aaaarr" which means "Open the door arrrrr" and "mou hamm arrrr" which means "don't cry aaarrrr" - so i deduced that chinese 6 o clock dramas involved a lot of people being locked outside the room and then people crying.

PUTERI UMNO Chief. Seriously?

ok i ran out of things to write about so i'll finish this with a haiku of what i saw this morning.

skirt mini polka dot,
singlet cotton ketat,
nyah seksi.

cheers. :)


Anonymous said...

Sanitary pads are often pink. So is the official colour of the Puteri Umno. Coincident? Don't think so.

Still glancing though.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what's with the puteri umno chief? hormon tgh bergelodak kot..xde bende lain nk ckp?? during persidangan umno pulak tuh..haiyooo...

as for the haiku..well, it's sooooo you!

but the cheers n smiley kinda make my thanks redza :)

cik S said...

it reflects the level of so-called intellectual politician..pi universiti watpa tah???

Anonymous said...

wait seminit...1st thing 1st..did she even graduated from any university before? eheheh ;p

atiqah ramlan said...

ayt ketua puteri umno tu selalu dengar terkeluar drpd mulut makcik-makcik kt kg,serious.setiap kali iklan keluar.


iklan kotex vs sotong and unlimited access of pornographic materials? naaaaaaa

ps: tvb drama dkt tv3 jam 6 mmg sgt menggiankan ;d

fadh said...

haiku 5-7-5

Anonymous said...

chumel pic awak kat paper arini. semoga terus sukses!


Anonymous said...

wuhooo...ada org buat appearance besar in newspaper....

Anonymous said...

redza, sejak bila pulak jadi pelukis nih?

p/s: this comment has gothing nothing to do with ur post..