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Friday, July 16, 2010

what do i think of 1 Malaysia?

back in school, recess is that blip between ordo naturalis.
recess is a form of subversion.
we played a lot of games during recess.

one i remember was a game called 'pepsi cola'.
of course nobody knew the reason why it was called that.
the objective of the game was to thump on the other players' body parts (usually the foot) in one motion - usually done by acrobatic jumping.

wearing white shoes made it easier for the game to be played.
i used to have 5 pairs of BM 2000 shoes ready for pepsi cola.

i had a friend named siva, he was the son of the shopkeeper.
he was a good 'pepsi cola' player.
he could kill three players with one jump.
that was awesome.
he is married now, with 3 kids to badariah begum.
both of them work in pusat kesihatan kecil gerik.
i think they are happy.

his nemesis was soo chee wong - whom i heard died in 2002 - found in a jungle in pantai remis with stab wounds.
i doubt it was because of 'pepsi cola'.

i was never a good player.
maybe because of my mom.
she hates it when my shoes are dirty.
she wanted my shoes to stay white throughout the week.
i think like me, my mum has OCD.
but i love her nonetheless.

most importantly what i want to say is we all had fun playing 'pepsi cola'.

i guess that is what 1 Malaysia is all about.
stepping on each other without reasons and call it fun.

well. it was until the bell rings.


Amirul Al Hafiz said...

haha..terbaek bro... but at least we hav 1Malaysia to stick us together...rather than pegi buat demonstrasi sane sini...owh aku benci traffic jam...

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia is so overrated. The end.

p/s: I guess everyone has OCD now!

Anonymous said...

hmm...u've yasmin ahmad in u

adik said...

i click 'like this'..

aimran said...

nice short. keep it coming, keep it natural

Anonymous said...

like! :)

aziz husairi said...

nice n good post bro...

we no need 1Malaysia to have 1 Malaysia..

"pepsi cola marinda 7-up"

Anonymous said...

Ok this one I reaaaallly like.I think it's short and...sweet.