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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

that's just classic.

whether you realise it or not, you've made a choice.
whether to live in the world or to live in the head.
whatever your choice is.
do not impose it on others.
to not impose is as simple as to not preach.
however - when you are questioned about your choice.
rule changes.
you are no longer imposing.
most of the time being indifferent is power.
to be indifferent to the reality of others is difficult.
of course it is when there are about 7 billion realities in this world.
what is real and what is not are usually pointless.
let them be the work of neurons.

now what is real to you is the best thing you could have in this life.
keep it to yourself.

i am not preaching.
the fact that you read this piece of writing means i've been given permission to talk.


Anonymous said...

This one...don't like...sounds like you're ranting...unless u were and meant it to be a rant...

Come on come on, u can do better than this!

Syuhada said...

7 billion realities.
Now, that is real.