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Monday, July 26, 2010


so i was at teh tarik place the other day.
ordered nescafe 'o' ais and maggi goreng.
nothing interesting happened.
so i took out a book and started reading.

the waiter came with a 'mee goreng' instead.
i said "maggi goreng, i don't eat this"
he looked puzzled with his head slightly bent.
he stared blank at the plate he was holding.
he walked away.
i continued reading.

a minute later he came with a mee goreng again.
i believed it was the same plate as the trajectory of the telur goreng was similar.
i said "maayyyyy giiiiii GO-RENG - Fried maggi mee - you know?"
he looked even more puzzled.
a word popped out in my head somehow.
'contrails' - which are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines.
i do not know why.

he left.

a minute later.
a big indian man in black came.
"mee goreng?" he asked.
"come on man, i know what i want!"
"but this is mee goreng, sedap jugak!" he replied, with an uneven smile on his thick lips.

"maggi goreng, maggi goreng, maggi goreng, maggi goreng... that's what i want!!!"

the big indian man is still there, his head was shaking in a small circle of intrepid - still smiling, and still holding the plate of mee goreng.

he placed the mee goreng in front of me.
pushed it bit by bit.
i could see his thick lips slightly separated.
i could see his toungue slightly sticking out.

i had mee goreng and suppressed anger that day.

three words came out in my head.
"swirling" "vortex" and shit... i can't remember the other one.


Anonymous said...

eyh...why u makan jugak mee goreng tuh???

stupid waiter!that's why u end up being a waiter n not a bond trader..

eyh..still xpuas hati, u shud've just left the shop..why la u eat that mee goreng??? why?? mee kuning xcedap..rase acidic...WHY????

Anonymous said...

haha haha hahaha

Anonymous said...

don't go to that teh tarik place again.the big indian man in black sounds disgusting..yerghh...

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I'd pick up the plate of mee goreng & swing it to both the Indian men! Tak paham bahasa, tak payah berniaga! Bodoh!

Anonymous said...

hope that thet didnt spit on the mee goreng.

Anonymous said...

eh, kat mana ni? I nak makan kat situ gak la....I nak order mee maggi goreng, see whether he got even more confused :)


lissaism said...

ngok ngek

Anonymous said...

haha... mee maggi goreng? lol. i should try that here in shah alam. see if the mamak here confuse tak :)

Anonymous said...

redza,postla smthg new..

IRONMAN said...

pergi teh tarik place, order nescafe 'o' ais... sabit tu demo dapat mee goreng.. bengong nate ni..

Anonymous said...

Ramai gila anonymous kat blog u
lately. Semua kekasih gelap u ke darling? Nak jealous lah.
Kalau u jadi husband I, I masakkan maggie goreng untuk u hariiiii hariiiii bila u mauuuuu.
Kol me ok kol tau kol...jangan tak kolll...

Anonymous said...

what is ur point of posting this post?wanna proved that those workers were stupid?or showing ur stupid anger in ur blog.come on la, don't be so rude.if u don't like it, don't eat it, stupid ass.i hope that they did spit in the mee goreng.btw agreed with ironman.moron redza minhat.y did i even stumbled to this stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.34pm.You must be the owner of Teh Tarik Place or anyone related to TTP since you're so angry about this post.I think you r an uber moron for making time to comment on a blog that u find 'stupid'. And the fact that you actually made time to read this post...
To me when a person orders a plate of Maggi Goreng, that means it's Maggi Goreng that they want.Not Pisang Goreng, or Babi Goreng and not even Mee Goreng.
If it happened to me, I'd leave the place without eating the wrogly delivered food.So gampangsolo ain't such a bad guy right coz he ate them anyway with much frustration.At least he didn't leave the place as I would.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.34 pm, I forgot to mention in my previous comment; your English is so bad.Grammar mistakes everywhere.

Andartu Timbuktu said...

In a way, I'd consider you a very patient man. Are you?
I'd probably have left. But then again, if I was THAT hungry, maybe I'd gobble it up anyway the first time it was wrongly delivered.

Anonymous said...

Funneh anonymous. N I'm anonymous too. One with grammar mistakes n one with typo habit.both moron.

Aniki said...

So did u eat the mee goreng?

saidatul said...

did u really speak English to him? i mean the waiter/indian man?

i think if its happen again...u guys (orang2 yg bg feedback ni or orang2 yg sikapnye sama dgn orang2 yg bg feedback ni)should be more patient..

and show respect to them too...if diaorg mcm xfhm just explain to them what u really want even if u have to write it down or ke dapur mereka ambik one packet of maggi and tunjuk kt depa 'this is MAGGI...and i nak MAGGI GORENG...' + SMILE...

it was like u teach them...kinda la me there's nothing wrong with that...just an opinion... :)