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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

moving on.

when i was a kid i used to have a cat named ginger. he was a magical cat. everyday after school ill put him under a red laundry basket and pretended i was a magician. the red laundry basket will appear as if it moves around controlled by my mind. that trick never failed to impress aunty Rani the gullible neighbour. her husband was a taxi driver and he sometimes drank too much. their son named Harjit now works as a prison warden in singapore.

ginger had a bad habit - eating in front of the tv. my mother smacks ginger every meal time calling him a "badass" cat. ginger isn't a badass cat. he was just a cat with a bit of magic and of course a stubborn cat who likes having his food in front of the tv. one day, i found out why he doesn't like eating his food where he was supposed to. there was actually a real "badass" cat stealing his food. i kicked the cat's ass but he kept coming back. i got tired and i thought, "yeah eat in front of the tv... whatever" but then my mom came and she smacked ginger and she smacked me as well.

what i realised was. at that point, i was pretty much similar to ginger the cat. both of us can't reason. or credible enough to reason. ginger died about three years later. i think aunty rani's husband died too. from consuming alcohol. i think.

anyway the picture above isn't a photo of aunty rani.


Anonymous said...

~unpredictable mr. redza~

Anonymous said...

may ginger's soul rest in peace...