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Friday, June 11, 2010

kim jong nam

when i was a kid, most of my friends were older boys. i used to get into fights with them for many reasons, one of it maybe because i used to look like a girl.

i remember this one asshole i used to fight with... it will always start with petty arguments. like for instance...

"wey budak, basikal kau buruk la?"
"basikal kau laaagi buruk"
"basikal kau laaaaaaagi buruk..."
"basikal kau buuruk gila babi"
"basikal kau buuuurruuukk gila babi babi"
"basikal kau laaaaaaaaaaaaaagiiiiii bughok gila babi babi babi babi infiniti"
"diam lah bodoh"

and then he beat me up. it was not a pleasant experience having someone to sit on your face.

so one day. i thought to myself. what is this 'fighting others' all the time. and this thing called argument that almost always will lead to me getting beaten up. then i realised that it was mostly meaningless. so maybe, if i could stop, and just drop it maybe i won't be kicked in the ass. so maybe, whatever they say... just play along and not go against it.

so one day. again i met this asshole on my way to the surau.

"wey bodoh, basikal kau buruk"
"yelah basikal aku burukkk..."
"hahahaha bodoh, habis basikal buruk kau naik buat apa?"
"sebab aku miskin tak ada duit nak beli basikal baru"
"mana ada, bapak aku lagi miskin!"
"yelah bapak kau miskin"

and then he sits on my face again - this son of an ustaz asshole. after almost getting my beautiful russian looking nose and very pretty brown eyes almost flattened out of shape - i thought i must change this style of arguing. maybe if i walk away... or maybe smile and walk away, towards the horizon - he'll let me go.

so yea. one day mak aku suruh pergi kedai. he was hangin at this burger shop with his friends.

"wey bahalol, belilah burger"
so. i walked up to him. i smiled and walked away.

i won. he didn't sit on my face that day.
or so i thought.

"Woi... budak pekak, bapak kau bodoh tak ajar kau ke?!"

well sometimes you just can't let go. i went back and slapped him in the face. and kicked his gonads. and then i ran. they eventually caught me and sat on my face again.

i learnt a lesson that day. some people are born to sit on the faces of others. accepting reality is better than going against it.

i haven't met that asshole in a lonnngg time. maybe he might look like this now.



Anonymous said...

huahahahahahhhahhahahah......ur so funny!!!

'on my way to the surau'???...eheemm... ;p

and.. 'my beautiful russian looking nose and very pretty brown eyes'???? aahahahhha...

heck..u really made my friday (^-^)

Anonymous said...

mana anda dapat gambar2 klasik ni

Anonymous said...


smitten by you said...


Anonymous said...

i loveeeee u!!! please say that u loveeeee meeeee tooooo!!! :)

A.Z said...

cute... LOL

Amirul Al Hafiz said...

oit redza...'used to look like a girl'

aku tngh imagine ko ngan tocang...hahaha

Anonymous said...

you seem to always have issues with people who are 'gemuk'..

teddyuna said...

wah2,.. kurang ajarnya budak tu,..
bagus2.. bertindak bijak
kalau sebut2 nama ayah ni pun una mngmuk..

kiasatina said...

kelakar sangat, sangat kelakar...!!
my officemates are now thinking that i am crazy, laughing alone at my desk at the office (at this hour). They have never seen this side of me.. diorang cakap: "Cik Tina, are you okay?"

penulis tegar said... funny! ^^ hilang stress bace entri yang ni..gila kelakar ~